Need a Polka Band @ Reasonable Price

A friend of mine has reserved the community shelter on Park Point for early Aug. for a family reunion. He’s got a lot of older rural Minnesota relatives who have fond memories of spending their honeymoons in Duluth (yes, this is what Garrison Keilor did a skit about a few years ago–going to Duluth becoming a codeword for doing the goatdance).

Anyway–this friend would like to help his entire family to have a great time by hiring a polka band (or at least a polka accordianist) to play for the gathering. He’s not employed locally, so doesn’t have a lot of money to spend.

Anybody got tips on a likely band or individual who could play two hours of good polka tunes to tug at some nostalgic heart strings?




about 15 years ago

I'll bet there's somebody associated with the Harrington Arts Center in Superior that could point you in the right direction...


about 15 years ago

I vote for Lorren Lindevig - any local nursing home should have his number. And he's cute, to boot.


about 15 years ago

You could try calling local nursing homes to see if their activities directors have any leads. I think they sometimes hire accordion players, etc., for parties.


about 15 years ago

A guy named Frank Bucar has a polka band if I remember correctly, don't know the band name or if they play outside of certain community things but look him up in the phone book.


about 15 years ago

I went once to a polka mass at Mary Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church. If you called the parish office, they might have contact info for the band that performed, they were pretty cool. And my relatives in other parts of the country were jealous when I told them about the polka mass.


about 15 years ago

I agree with all of the suggestions above exactly what I had been thinking, especially the Harrington part, so I won't touch that.  

Having played the community center several times here is one where I would recommend a "less is more" approach for sure.  

The load in is terrible, the room may have the -worst- sound anywhere in Duluth as it is a complete echo box.  Still, the location is amazing for aesthetic beauty, rustic-ness (if that's even a word) and ... something like ... reverb(eration).  

I would say that if you get a squeezebox player and maybe a vocalist and possibly something for the rhythm section then you would end up with quite a party.  Minimal PA needed.

If you do the whole band thing it is likely to just end up being really loud and annoying to all of those older folks that you are so wholeheartedly trying to impress.

Also, weather dependent, you could always move it outside to the deck where you have totally different acoustics and that great planking for a dance floor, just be sure to bring a good stiff outdoor broom to move all the sand. 

This has all the makings of a fantastic party or a so-so also ran.  You just need to plan carefully and hope for great weather.  Looks like you've got the first part down.  Great idea


about 15 years ago

father hennepin...or at least suzi their squeeze box player.

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