Duluth needs a mascot

My daughter is in Japan this week with the Duluth Sister City Exchange. One of the chaperones sent this picture from their meeting with the mayor today, along with a description of “Isumi,” the Ohara Isumi City mascot.

“Her orange head is an Asian Pear. Her headband features the city flower on one side and a Spiny Lobster on the other. The blue curl on her forehead is a wave representing the Pacific Ocean and the symbol on her chest is the official Isumi symbol. She also holds a stalk of rice for the extensive rice farming in the region.”

Has there ever been a Duluth mascot? I think I might draw up a couple ideas for one. A seagull on one of those 4-wheel Lakewalk bikes holding a craft beer in one of those Bob Dylan harmonica holder thingies around his neck? Other ideas?



about 2 years ago

And of course, I'm pretty bummed out that "Creepy Japanese Things" is not a category anymore.


about 2 years ago

Bridgie McBridgersen! Ol' Lifty! Enger Anger! Steve Skyline (I'm just spitballin' now) or you could do a manga-esque caricature of a large-headed Don Ness!

Paul Lundgren

about 2 years ago

Personally, I think all descriptions of the Duluth mascot should mirror the language of the description of Isumi. "Her clear head is an icicle. Her beard features grey streaks caused by taconite dust. The whitish/brown color on her forehead is gull shit representing Canal Park and the symbol on her chest is the official "Duluth is a Cool City" T-shirt. She also holds a bine of hops for the extensive craft brewing in the region."


about 2 years ago

Furbee Frank.


about 2 years ago

A Viking smelt eating thimbleberries?


about 2 years ago

A walking, talking pothole?

Mike Scholtz

about 2 years ago

This mascot has all the hallmarks of having been designed by a committee. And yet it works. Why does that never work in our country?


about 2 years ago

Only the Japanese possess the knowledge of how to make a proper mascot.


about 2 years ago

Smelt! It already has a ready-made parade!

Special K

about 2 years ago

Overall this town is doing pretty good, but sometimes this may as well be our mascot:


about 2 years ago

The genius of Isumi is the headband. Committees can keep sticking stuff to that headband for years to come. Maybe Chris Monroe would license Chico Bon-Bon to Duluth. He could have a smelt, an icicle, a beer, and all kinds of other stuff in his tool belt.


about 1 year ago

Thanks for volunteering Aquaman. That's very generous of you. I've made some preliminary drawings based on suggestions and volunteers. Hopefully we'll be waving to one of these characters at the next Christmas City of the North Parade.

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