Happy Eleventeenth Birthday to us!

Perfect Duluth Day is eleven years old today – Sunday, June 29, 2014. The official celebration is at Carmody Irish Pub tonight at 8 p.m. Fabulous prizes will be awarded to the top finishers of this week’s Pub Quiz, the questions for which will all be related to PDD. It’s a super tough quiz, so study intensively.

The first hundred drinks sold at the bar will come in a handsome commemorative PDD pint glass that can be taken home and cherished always.

And there will be a handsome cake produced by the fine folks at How Sweet it is Cakes.

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Thank you for your patronage.



about 9 months ago

I just picked up the cake from HSII. I will post a picture right away because there is a good chance I'll drop, smuush, or otherwise mess it up before I get there tonight.

Paul Lundgren

about 9 months ago

An accurate prediction by Mr. Barber; the cake was indeed smooshed on arrival, but still delicious. And, of course, the smeared icing was an excuse to shoot another Upset Duluth photo. Congratulations to Heiko for answering six questions correctly, amassing 11 points and narrowing winning the Pub Quiz. The questions were ridiculously difficult, and we didn't think anyone would get more than five right.


about 9 months ago

Any glasses left for sale?!

Paul Lundgren

about 9 months ago

I think there are a few left over that are in the Carmody rotation. Depending on who the bartender is and the quality of your sweet talking, you could probably specify a PDD glass and take it home.


about 9 months ago

Paul has upped the ante....to make the Upset Duluth cut, you now need not only crossed arms and furrowed brow, but also a Big Pout! By the way, you guys should sell that PDD pint glass. You would make a mint. In other words, oh please please please sell these! Congratulations PDD on 11 excellent years.


about 9 months ago

I totally want one of those glasses.


about 9 months ago

That quiz was darn tricky! I arrive 2/3 of the way through, and didn't know any of the answers and was thus unable to assist the bewildered Canadians we befriended. While I didn't participate, fate saw fit to grant me one of the PDD sweatshirts the Canadians left in our subsequent drunken fumble at the Rex. I am lucky. Love the term "cliff dwellers."

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