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Duluth Superior Film Festival 2019 Trailer

Here’s the official trailer for the 2019 Duluth Superior Film Festival. May 29 to June 2 with a kick-off at the NorShor featuring Mike Scholtz’s hilarious new documentary Riplist.

We still need volunteers, so if you’d like to help out, please e-mail Marin Molander at marin.molander @ gmail.com. Volunteers get a bunch of cool stuff for helping out (four hours minimum).

Appreciating a Recent Movie at Zinema 2

I forget how lucky we are to have the locally operated Zinema, especially on its $5 days. Last night I saw Colossal, a movie starring and co-produced by Anne Hathaway. (Spoilers)

I’ve seen nearly every Godzilla movie, so the idea that every morning, when Gloria (Hathaway) is hung over, a Kaiju Monster attacks Seoul seemed interesting — a metaphor for the unintended consequences of alcoholism, I figured. Pretty straightforward, low-brain energy attempt to be deep, but with Kaiju!

The opening scene shows Gloria’s boyfriend throwing her out, telling her he can’t be with her when she’s out of control like this. It’s designed to communicate to the audience: Gloria’s addiction is the problem.

!!Everything is Terrible!!

Football games happen on a weekly basis  but Everything is Terrible is for one night only and it will be the show of the year, without a doubt. Show is at 7:15, students w/id get in for $5, oh and we will have $2.00 Two-Hearted on tap. Zinema 2.

The work of Chuck Jones, Max Fleischer, Tex Avery an others Thursday night!

The animated shorts of Chuck Jones, Max Fleischer, Tex Avery and many others will be presented tomorrow night by my favorite dumpster divin’ archivist, Dennis Nyback, heading to Duluth all the ways from Portland, Ore.

Made in Minnesota Thriller “Four Boxes” Coming to Zinema 2 for World Theatrical Debut

Four Boxes, a made-in-Minnesota thriller described as Rear Window on the Internet” and starring Justin Kirk (Showtime’s Weeds), will make its World Theatrical Premiere in Duluth at the Zinema 2 Theater May 21 to 27, 2010.

Written, produced and directed by Minneapolis filmmaking husband-and-wife team Wyatt McDill and Megan Huber, Four Boxes had its World Premiere at last year’s South-by-Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas. The film will tour nationally in the Fall to coincide with a Halloween release of the DVD, but Duluth will be the first place in America – outside of a festival – to get a peek at the film variously described as “The Blair Witch Project meets YouTube,” and “The Sex, Lies and Videotape of our time.” Visit fourboxesthemovie.com to see the trailer and find out more!

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