The Dukes of Hubbard Posts

The Dukes of Hubbard’s Unreleased Originals

From the early 2000s comes this rather extensive collection of live recordings of Duluth band the Dukes of Hubbard. It’s a full three hours — 25 tracks of music with a photo slideshow as the visuals — featuring the six-piece band made up of Ben Wizik, Jimi Cooper, Tim Saxhaug, Russ Sackett, Mike Gomez and Eric Pollard.

Fractal Power at Schooners

Set the Wayback Machine for May 14, 2004, at Schooners Nightclub in the old Canal Park Inn. (The bar closed later that year and the hotel was demolished in 2006 to make way for the new Canal Park Lodge.)

Dukes of Hubbard reunion?

An online petition was opened over the weekend to convince the defunct Duluth band Dukes of Hubbard to reunite and potentially play the Homegrown Music Festival in May. Word has it that most of them are into it, but Ben Wizik needs some convincing.

Link to petition here.

Video Archive: Dukes of Hubbard Live at Schooners in 2002

You’d never know what would happen next at a Dukes of Hubbard show (circa early 2000s). On stage, they would mix Phish with Kenny Loggins, then beatbox. Or play Ween followed by a Beatles medley and other antics. Or Jane’s Addiction followed by Herbie Hancock, while trading instruments and doing shots. And with Trudy (good dog, may she rest in peace) lounging off to the side. Some nights were more of a variety show than a usual set of music.