Video Archive: Dukes of Hubbard Live at Schooners in 2002

You’d never know what would happen next at a Dukes of Hubbard show (circa early 2000s). On stage, they would mix Phish with Kenny Loggins, then beatbox. Or play Ween followed by a Beatles medley and other antics. Or Jane’s Addiction followed by Herbie Hancock, while trading instruments and doing shots. And with Trudy (good dog, may she rest in peace) lounging off to the side. Some nights were more of a variety show than a usual set of music.

Off stage, their audience always seemed to feed off their energy, often leading to some strange motivations. April 13, 2002 was one of those nights at Schooner’s – and it just happened to be captured on an old 8mm.

Schooner’s was the bar in the Canal Park Inn before it was torn down. The Dukes played some great shows there and at Norm’s in Superior, but this one is the stuff of legend among the DOH faithful. Here is a very small sampling of some highlights (or lowlights?) from the 2 hours of video recorded that night (a lot of it can’t be shown on a public site).

(Warning: As with all DOH shows, contains adult content)

IMHO, the best part  is seeing how much fun they were having, evident in the close-up of Pollard’s giggle, Timmy laughing at the “black dress sandwich” and Ben getting so much joy out of Russ singing “Why Don’t We…” The Dukes were moving at a pretty good clip, playing the Grandma’s Marathon tent, releasing their own album Planet Reid and playing the 10K Lakes Festival before peeling off in different directions with other bands, family, etc.

Where are they now?

Eric Pollard = solo (as Actual Wolf), Retribution Gospel Choir

Russ Sackett = solo, Maxi Childs Trio, other endeavors on other instruments like Gartman’s Ween show at Luce last Dec.

Tim Saxhaug = Trampled By Turtles, Dead Man Winter

Jimi Cooper = solo, The Fractals, other endeavors

Ben Wizik = solo

*No idea where Mike is, but will update if I hear anything.

Please share your own DOH favorites, would love to read about them. Thanks guys, and happy anniversary. So much talent, so much fun while it lasted. Good times. Great oldies.


Don Ness

about 12 years ago

Awesome Shane - thanks for putting this together!  I loved the Dukes - they put on a great show.  

I keep telling Ben that they need to do a reunion show.  I'll sign a petition for them to play Homegrown 2013.

[email protected]

about 12 years ago

Right on Don. Yeah, it would be fun to jam but who knows what we'd sound like now. We've all gone in all sorts of different directions. Awesome of Shane having caught us "in the act." We got away with having all sorts of fun with that band. Good times.


about 12 years ago

Ha, I remember that night!
Lots o fun times at Norm's and Schooner's with those mad men!
Had to be one of the most fun bands ever.
Reunion for sure!

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