The Dukes of Hubbard’s Unreleased Originals

From the early 2000s comes this rather extensive collection of live recordings of Duluth band the Dukes of Hubbard. It’s a full three hours — 25 tracks of music with a photo slideshow as the visuals — featuring the six-piece band made up of Ben Wizik, Jimi Cooper, Tim Saxhaug, Russ Sackett, Mike Gomez and Eric Pollard.

1. Main Man
2. Does the Pope Shit in the Woods (Waterfall Jam)
3. Don’t Get the Clap from Barry’s Mom
4. Hetero-Lifemates
5. 14 Inches of Love
6. Deuteronomy 23:1
7. Louis’s Boots
8. Seascapes
9. Gravy Davie (electric)
10. Grow
11. L
12. Us-acoustic
13. Bottle Song
15. Where You Want to Be
16. Dear You part 1
17. Dear You part 2
18. Good Enough
19. Eugene (acoustic)
20. Gravy Davie (acoustic)
21. Does the Pope Shit in the Woods
22. Waterfall
23. Old Lady acoustic
24. Bottle Song (Kumbaya)
25. Anne Marie (live; originally released on Planet Reid

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