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Breakfast in Duluth: Big Daddy’s Burgers


By popular demand, we chose Big Daddy’s Burgers as the next location in our “Breakfast in Duluth” series. Because it’s located next to Arthur’s Formal Wear in the Piedmont Plaza, we considered renting tuxedos so we’d look good while scarfing down our omelets, but unfortunately that wasn’t in the budget, so we kept our regular clothes on and, as usual, looked like a couple of fools.

1970s pop culture quiz on Piedmont ski trail

The cross-country trail at Piedmont is in great shape … but in what shape is your 1970s pop culture mastery? Know your Lip Smackers from your Mayberry RFD? Test yourself against the punny wisdom of Piedmont’s wooden signs at my North Shore blog.

Piedmont Elementary School

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