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PDD Disinfected. Resume blogging.

Sorry about the little Malware problem earlier today.

I’d tell you what happened, but then I’d have to ask the tech guy and he’d have to explain it to me and, well … it’s a nice day and the problem is solved.

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1,000 Perfect Duluth Day Users

Perfect Duluth Day hit a milestone today at 4:28 p.m. when the user “emmajoru” created an account and made the post below about the Low concert. PDD now has 1,000 contributors.

You could win $100! Yes, it’s time once again to feed the PDD marketing weasel by taking a privacy-invading survey

PDDMarketingWeasel89457Every other year or so, Perfect Duluth Day conducts a survey of its readers in an effort to figure out who they are and what their deal is. To make up for the privacy invasion, we offer the chance to win $100 in a drawing, which convinces everyone to proceed without reservation or contempt.

The survey is now closed.

Why do PDD’s powers-that-be ignore their natural Minnesota Lutheran shame and prod you to disclose information that is none of their business? Because that’s how the vicious gears of capitalism work, you silly goose.

PDD’s little upgrade and the glitch with the Smart Unread Comments plugin

If you’re one of those compulsive people who likes to read every single comment on Perfect Duluth Day, the past few days have been a challenge for you.

The “Comments” column on the left is supposed to show which posts have new comments you haven’t read, but it hasn’t been working since PDD upgraded to WordPress 3.0.4 on Dec. 31.

In the meantime, if you’re noticing anything else not functioning properly since the upgrade, let us know. The comment thing is the only thing we’ve noticed.

UPDATE: The problem was fixed on Jan. 3, so there should be no more issues.

HotMaids post removed

A note from your friendly neighborhood PDD moderators:

Many people read and commented on a post from August 29 about a cleaning business called HotMaids. We have decided to remove the post due to deceptive tactics engaged in by the author of the post, who is also the owner of the business.

Many of the comments responding to the post were made by the author, under multiple names, all raving about what a great idea the business is. Initially we removed those comments and left the post up, but ultimately we felt the entire thing should be removed.

The post also received many negative comments from people who did not appreciate the nature of the business. That had nothing to do with why the post was removed. We simply felt that the deceitful tactics of the author were reason enough to include the phrase “let the buyer beware” at the front end of the discussion.

With that in mind, we now resume the forum on this topic — unless everyone prefers to ignore it at this point.

Perfect Duluth Day’s Seventh Anniversary Tofu Raffle

Lithis is the proud winner of the PDD Tofu Raffle.

Happy seventh birthday to us

Perfect Duluth Day is seven years old today — Tuesday, June 29. Join us for a small degree of antics at Pizza Lucé’s bar around 8:30 p.m.

Tofu raffle * Cocktail consumption * Cliff-dweller camaraderie

Another PDD birthday is upon us

Next Tuesday, June 29, is the 7th anniversary of the first post on Perfect Duluth Day — which is what we call PDD’s birthday.

We’ll be having a little cocktail affair, as usual. This year it will be at Pizza Luce, in the bar. Let’s say 8:30ish.

There will be a tofu raffle, we’ll give away our last two-dozen PDD bumper stickers and … gosh, I don’t know, maybe you should dress up as your Gravatar.

Anyway, mark your calendar or whatever. I’ll remind you again next week.

By the way, trivia fans, PDD shares its birthday with comedian Richard Lewis and actors Gary Busey and Slim Pickens.

Amazing career opportunity that will make someone wealthy and self-actualized

Seriously though, Perfect Duluth Day is indeed looking for a Part-time Media Sales Representative. Apply now to sell 2.5-inch squares.

(Comments to this post are closed to avoid some clown attempting to interview for the position that way.)

Threaded Comments – Aborted

As explained in this post, Perfect Duluth Day experimented with threaded comments for a few days. The benefits of it seemed to be outweighed by the complications of it, so the experiment is now over and comments are back to working like they used to.

Since previously threaded comments are now unthreaded, we hope it won’t create too much confusion to readers who haven’t been following along.

Threaded Comments – This is only a test

Those of you who are regular PDD readers may have noticed that the comments have changed to allow threading — so you can respond directly to one comment rather than having it appear several comments below the one it is relevant to.

PDD administrators turned this function on today to see if it works good or crappy. We might get rid of it right away. We might keep it and tweak it to work better. So try not to fall in love with it or hate it too much.

Sticker? I hardly know her.


If you’d like a free Perfect Duluth Day sticker, there is a stack on the counter at the Electric Fetus store downtown. Grab one before they’re gone. Merry Christmas.

UPDATE: They’re gone. Read comments for details on alternate methods of getting a sticker.

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