Northern Lights Posts

Minnesota Northern Lights

I was fortunate enough to be up the North Shore Monday night near Grand Marais and caught an awesome Aurora Borealis Storm that was, dare I say, a Perfect Grand Marais Night. This art showing by Mother Nature was one that I would have thought I’d have to travel to northern Norway to witness. I have seen the Northern lights many times in the past, but this was pretty amazing, there were many moments over the course of 3 hours I had to duck as I thought they were gonna hit me. I probably should have been wearing a tin foil hat.

Northern Lights on Spring Lake

Video by Sparky Stensaas, shot two weeks ago on Spring Lake in Carlton County.

Spot for Stargazing?

If you don’t know, the year’s best meteor shower happens next week, in the wee hours of the morning of Aug. 11, 12 and 13.  From what I read, the Perseids are one of the most active showers, with up to 50 meteors an hour – should be a nice show!

I’m hoping to get out and watch a bit; I’m wondering if anyone has any favorite or secret spots?  Although there are nice bare spots above Skyline or along Park Point, I’m hoping to escape the glare of city lights.  I was thinking Stoney Point might be nice, or perhaps Gooseberry?  If someone has suggestions of closer spots, that’d be even better.

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