Lost and Found Posts

Found: Warehouse Bar artifact

1988 relic.

Lost dog in Congdon Park

Small Papillon Pomeranian mix black-and-white dog ran off around 6 p.m. on Friday, June 14, in the Congdon Park area — Hawthorne Road and East Second St. She was wearing a pink collar and is chipped. She answers to the name Chloe. Please email me: kourtz at juno dot com with any information. Thanks so much!

Yellow lab found near UMD/Hunter’s Park

Just saw this on the Facebook. Pretty cute dog. Must have an owner. Read all about here.

Found: Mountain bike in Lakeside

There was a small mountain bike found off of Superior Street near East High School on Tuesday night, June 5. I saw it when I left home, and it was still there when I returned hours later. It was missing the seat post and looked like it has been dumped.  I picked it up, assuming it was stolen. If you lost a mountain bike, or if I inadvertently stole yours, let me know.

Lost Minature Pinscher in West Duluth

Lost! Special needs dog. Jurgen is a Mini Pincher, 3 years old, red color, full tail and ears. She was wearing a pink collar with a bone-shaped ID tag and heart-shaped rabies tag, both silver. She has seizures and needs a special diet. Went missing on May 28 in the area of 35th Avenue West and Grand Avenue. Reward. Please call Amanda 218-206-4118 or Glenn 612-987-3642

Lost dog in East Hillside

Please call 218-349-9486 if you find our dog. We will offer a reward! It must be spring in the air that made our dog run away from his home on North Seventh Avenue East and High Street. He bolted out the back door and we haven’t seen him since, despite searching the neighborhood. We are worried about him and would love to have extra eyes on the lookout for him.

Here are his stats:

He’s a male Gordon setter whose name is Ullr (pronounced You-ler). He is black with tan feet and tan muzzle and eye markings. He has a white chin and white blaze on his chest. He has a collar but no ID tags. He does have a Home Again microchip implanted in his back with the ID #47401E5E1C. He is up to date on his shots and he’s a friendly dog who responds to commands to come, sit, stay and whoa.

Lost Cat in West Duluth Area

Missing long-haired white cat with orange markings on his face, ears and tail (also has some very light orange on his back), has blue eyes. Missing since April 28 from the West Duluth area, specifically Raleigh St & S. 61st Ave. W., and has not been seen since.

His name is Raja, he’s 3 years old, neutered, has his claws and is not microchipped. He is very missed by his family and also needs his medication.

Lost Dog: Dakota

Dakota is a well-known dog around town — a Husky/Shepherd mix. He pulled out of his collar on May 3 in the Lincoln Park Area and took off running. He is very friendly and sometimes has a lot to say. Please call Ian if you have seen him, or have any information of his whereabouts. 218-409-2416 or 218-341-1331. Thanks!

Sad Lost Kitty in Lincoln Park

I found this very sweet and very sad kitten outside of my house in Lincoln Park. Is she yours, or do you know who she belongs to?

I’ll probably keep here at my house tonight and drop her off at the pound in the morning. She didn’t have a collar, but is obviously a house cat. She seems like she also has a cold/respiratory-tract infection, so I didn’t want to leave her outside.

Update: sweet kitty is now at the Duluth Animal Shelter (2627 Courtland Street – 218-723-3259).

Found dog

Found this dog running loose on Sixth Street and 11th Avenue East at about 1pm today. Male, no collar. We caught him, called the cops and he got hauled away to the animal shelter. Sorry, Mr. Husky! I hope someone picks him up soon. Super handsome dog, mouthy and full of energy. We would’ve kept him for the weekend but he was too big a handful.

Lost Dog in Congdon Neighborhood

Our family is missing our male Cairn Terrier named Rusty. He snuck out of the house around noon on Thanksgiving day. He is very sweet and gentle, but may be difficult to catch. He is dark gray wearing a blue Hawaiian collar. He has a name tag with phone number, but that number is disconnected. He is also wearing a yellow microchip tag. He is sadly missed. If found, please call or text Darlene at 218-391-2640 or Chuck at 218-341-1415. Reward for his return!

Looking for Annabelle

I lived in the Duluth area until December 2004, and am back here temporarily. I’m looking for a former member of Low Income People Organizing for Power, Annabelle, who’s from South Dakota, she told me. It’s about a matter that we discussed previously about 10 years ago that hasn’t been solved yet. If anyone knows Annabelle, could you please mention this post to her?

Lost Dog – Denfeld area

Niko - lost dog

Our family dog escaped Friday night after 9 p.m. in the Denfeld area. His name is Niko and he is wearing a plaid collar. He is very friendly so I know some doglover brought him inside to be out of the cold nad wind. He is greatly missed and on medication so if you or someone you know found him please contact us at 218.349.8571. Thank you!

Found: Connolly’s Tom & Jerry Batter

I found some Connolly’s Tom & Jerry batter in the freezer section of West Duluth Super One today. I thought I should alert you all before the December batter shortage hits.

Found pup

I am in the Lakeside area and have found a terrier mix. It’s female, very well groomed. Possibly a puppy.  Very sweet. Are you missing her? Actually, a neighbor found her but already has too many dogs, so I will lodge her and on Monday I will be bringing her to Animal Allies to see if she is possibly micro-chipped.