Petitioning to Change Duluth in 2020

It might be no surprise that 2020 saw more Duluth action on than any year before it. And it’s hardly surprising that the petition with the most virtual signatures is a plea for Duluthians to wear masks.

Petitioning to Change Duluth in 2019

From successful to silly, and potentially both, Duluthians remain as active as ever on the petition website Not that fewer than a dozen petitions per year is technically active, but it is as active as ever.

As is generally the case, a petition pertaining to the local colleges was the most popular, but with an asterisk. A statewide petition that relates to Duluth deserves equal mention.

Petitioning to Change Duluth in 2018

The most successful petitions at — at least as far as Duluth is concerned — tend to be related to local colleges. A search of “Duluth” on the site finds six petitions in the past three years that have more than 1,000 signatures; five of those are associated with the University of Minnesota Duluth or College of St. Scholastica.

Petitioning to Change Duluth in 2017

A look at petitions on shows a pretty good rate of success for people who wanted to change something in Duluth in 2017. As of the morning of Dec. 13, two petitions had more than one thousand supporters and both of those issues appear to be resolved.

Petitioning to Change Duluth in 2016


What do people want to change about Duluth? Well, according to — as of 9 a.m. on Dec. 6 — 5,471 people want the University of Minnesota Duluth to save the American Indian grad program, 1,100 people want the city to stay the enforcement of parking violations targeting Duluth college students, 313 people want to stop harsh LED street lighting, 140 people want Duluth to pass a Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights, 13 people want a Trader Joe’s franchise to locate here and six people want to bring a Costco store to Duluth.

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