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Sixty-five Superior Saloons

Sixty-five Superior Saloons.

Second season of comedy series

Hello. I am interested in scheduling some pre-production meetings for the second season of an independent web-based comedy series. The catalyst for the series is from the first season, about a failed writer and actor who had the misfortune his old college roommate hiring a documentary crew to follow him around for a week. This week caused him great embarrassment, termination from his job, and eviction from his apartment. Worst of all, it gave him a false sense of stardom. This series picks up after the incidents of that week. The character seeks a fresh start, and tries to get his ‘reality show’ back online with no knowledge of video production, no budget, and no direction other than his preposterous ambition of launching a dramatic/action film career.

Not a friggen thing to do with Duluth:

But in observance of Bastille Day (yesterday) here is a great little piece of animation and music.

Oldelaf – le Café

Dink Tank McCounaghey Camp Out

Thanks so much to everyone who donated!

Renegade’s Latest Production, Opening 7/9

Call 218-336-1414 for tickets or visit

Former Duluthian in “The Hagstone Demon”

Michael Udovich, a Denfeld and UW-Superior alum, appears briefly in this trailer for The Hagstone Demon. He plays Detective Willis. Look for him at 1:18, opposite none other than indie film sensation Mark Borchardt (of American Movie fame).

Plan B meets Duluth School Board

Let Duluth Vote’s “Plan B” presentation to the Duluth School Board from Greenfield Communications on Vimeo.

It should be noted that this video is not a piece of independent journalism, but rather an informational video paid for by the Duluth School District. That being said, so you may take into account it was created with intent to persuade, I don’t believe it contains any misinformation. If I’m wrong, I’m sure we’ll all find out in the comments.

Duluth Fireworks Disaster of 1988

A dud shell fell into a pile of unspent shells, and ka-pow! There were six minor injuries and zero fatalities.

“Kiss Off” from the Free Range Film Festival Players

Directed by local hero Mike Scholtz for the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project. Featuring a cameo by Minnesota State Representative Roger Reinert.

Video Equipment Scouting


My name is Rob Larson, and I posted a couple of weeks ago about compiling a name list for future video production work in the Twin Ports. I currently live and work in the Milwaukee area, and I am moving with my wife to Duluth in a couple of weeks.

My business partner and I are taking inventory of our equipment and deciding what I will be bringing with me to Duluth. We currently use all sorts of fun stuff: Green screens, dolly tracks, the FigRig, the Sony HVR-V1U, updated NLE studios and editing bays, etc…

I would like to get a sense of the equipment available in the area, as well as who’s who in Twin Ports video production. I plan to hold a meeting in July to become better acquainted with individuals who would like to have steady commercial and narrative production work.  

Anyway, I would like to leave most of our equipment in the Milwaukee studio, but I can’t service any of our increasing number of Twin Ports clients without good equipment. So this post is to ask, “who has what?” 

[email protected]

Oh Hell Yeah!

Park Point here I come. I think we need to have a wearable towel pub crawl this summer, order yours now!

Rubber Chicken’s Humpty Dumpty: The Musical Free Preview

Come see this great show… One weekend left!

May 29-31
Friday and Saturday shows at 7pm
Saturday and Sundays matinees at 3pm

From Homegrown to worldwide


The Homegrown video for the Black-Eyed Snakes got picked up by the Channel Frederator Cartoon Podcast. It’s a weekly collection of animation from around the world. You can watch it on their site, or subscribe through the iTunes store.

What Were You Watching?

Taviette Film Productions: Trailer 2008

Parts of this new movie were shot in Duluth.

The premiere is Saturday, May 9, 7 p.m., at the Suburban World Theatre, 3022 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis. It’s free.

GOD ROCKED needs you!!

God Rocked poster

…and on the 7th day, God Rocked is competing online in the Independent Features Film Festival.

Top vote-getters will be shown in Tribeca in July. Click here to vote for GOD ROCKED

You can watch God Rocked and other films in their entirety FOR FREE on this site! Check it out!



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