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Earth Hour 2009

Lift Bridge Poster

Hey Guys, this Saturday March 28th from 8:30-9:30p.m. is Earth Hour! All you have to do to participate in Earth Hour is turn off the lights to your house/apartment/dorm and spend the hour in darkness.

There are area business’ participating in Earth Hour, so you can go there to spend your hour in the dark.

  1. Sara’s table is serving candlelit dinners.
  2. The Fitger’s Brewhouse is serving candlelit dinners.
  3. Trailfitters will have candlelit shopping.


Go down to watch this historical Duluth Landmark go dark!!

Thanks for your support/participation in Earth Hour.


can’t wait for the A.L.B. to start-up

Aerial Lift Bridge

Just an old fashioned basement sale



If you enjoy basements, weird music, beer, vintage clothes, and- most importantly- FUN, then you must come to my sale. Sunday night from 8-11 (serious shoppers should come at 7). After all, EVERYONE will be there. Namely: Ronald McDonald, Jimmy Hoffa, Chuck Norris, Xena, my sister(??), Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Sammy Macon, your mom, etc.  628 N. 10th Ave. E.- back door (off of 7th St.)

Critical Mass

March 27. 5:30 Leif Erickson statue. come play.

Clawthroat performing in Superior this Saturday


Clawthroat plays a mean kind of acoustic, gothic, folk, rock. They’re ex-music majors and really fun.

For Batteries, this will be our last show in a while as our drummer, Joe, went and made a baby with his wife. Congrats! Come say hello.

And The Undesirables? Always reliable.

Earth Hour March 28th

Earth Hour flier 2

Earth Hour is something that is going on March 28th. They just ask you to turn off the lights to your house from 8:30-9:30 p.m. as a way to ‘Vote Earth.’

I think this is  a really cool initiative because last year about 50 million households/businesses participated in Earth Hour by shutting off their lights, and this year they hope to have 1 billion people participate!

I hope you all will join me for Earth Hour on 3/28/2009.

Do you all have any ideas on how to bring Earth Hour to Duluth. Sarah’s table is already serving candlelit dinners for the hour, so if you would like a romantic dinner. 😉 But if you all have any other ideas let me know!

Progressive Action Fundraiser April 17

Progressive Action Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser!
Great food! Live music by Mad About Jane!
Silent Auction with lots of cool stuff and experiences!
Children’s activities table!
AND keynote speech by Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak!
MC is Duluth City Councilor Jeff Anderson!

Tickets $15 each, children 10 and under free
Available at the door or in advance at Green Mercantile
For more information, see www.prog-action.org
Or call Barb Olsen at 218-349-6681

Better Late Than Never? You Be the Judge.

So, I finally got around to releasing that EP.

The one that I said that I’d have done for my art opening at Beaner’s last month.

Well, it’s online.  And free.  For a while, I’m sure.

Bone Black: Improvisations on Amplified Harmonica

It’s raw, warty, and immediate.

Check it out.

Sammy Macon.

P.S. I’m playing at Bob’s sale on Sunday, 3/22.  When do I play, Bob?

Final Weekend for “QED”

“QED”, starring Brian Matuszak & Cheryl Skafte, and directed by Minden Anderson.
March 20-22 at the Shack
Good food, great show!
Call (715) 392-3463 and reserve your spot soon!

Happy Pi Day!


Today is Pi Day (3.14) – now recognized by the US government!

Duluth on Google StreetView?

Duluth on Google Street View

Spooky Menards


I ventured out to the brand-spanking-new Menards in Hermantown today. I wandered through about half the store, and around every corner the same thought crossed my mind: Holy cow, this is so spookily identical to the West Duluth Menards, I’m expecting to see the I-35 viaduct in front of me when I walk out the door.

Now, I know big chains have cookie-cutter stores, but if you go from, say, one Target to another, there generally are some pretty significant differences in layout, displays, etc. The big, new Menards in my Wisconsin hometown is very different from the West Duluth store. But that’s not the case in Hermantown. It’s eerie. Everything I saw – pet supplies, seeds, insulation, garage-door openers, checkout lanes – was in exactly the same proximity to each other as in the West Duluth store. There are a few cosmetic differences – but not much.

What makes this even more odd is that – correct me if I’m wrong – the West Duluth store was adapted to fit the old Shoppers City structure, so conceivably that should have been kind of a unique setup in the Menards chain. Maybe the company really liked it and wanted to duplicate it. In any case, go see the identical twin Menards for yourself.

Not sure if it Means Austin Only

—–Original Message—–

To: Austin area Web Professionals

From: Bill Cullifer, Executive Director – World Organization of Webmasters

Re: Call for Participation: Web Professional Interviews

The eleven year non-profit professional association WOW
(http://www.webprofessionals.org) is seeking to interview a handful of area Web professionals for its series of blogs and websites. We are interested in knowing how life is today and how you manage your day. If you can spare 5-10 minutes please contact me at [email protected]

Also, if you’re in need with staying current on Web trends check out the Web Professional Minute podcast at http://www.webprominute.org

In return for your time we will send you a new Web book.



Bill Cullifer
Executive Director
World Organization of Webmasters (WOW)
[email protected]

Remember the ‘Moon for the Misbegotten’ review?


limited edition c&t shirts at saturday’s show

just wanted to let everyone know we’ll have a limited edition (20 or so) cars & trucks t-shirt available at the ides of march show on saturday.

we should have s-xl with various colors available.

$10 gets you one of these sweet fuckin’ masterpieces.

half of all the proceeds are being donated to animal allies.

we’ll also have some handy dandy silkscreened posters as well. those will be free, but we’d be more than happy to take donations if you’re interested in helping some animals.