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Small Engine Repair Recommendation

My snow blower conked out and I need to find somewhere to take it for repair. I remember a thread like this not long ago but can’t find it searching here on PDD or through Google. If anyone can find the link and repost in the comments that would be great. Any other recommendations of places to go or to avoid would be appreciated. Any place that will pick up equipment would be most helpful because I don’t have a truck.

Zombies invade UMD Oct. 27

Join us for a zombie-themed symposium that is free and open to the public. Six UMD professors will give talks about how their work relates to zombies. Refreshments appropriate for the topic will be served. BYOB (Bring Your Own Brain).

Duluth real estate lawyer suggestions

I’m looking for suggestions for local lawyers who specialize in real estate law. Neighbor problems at a property line (what can and can’t be done, etc.), not contracts for buying and selling.

DSL Slowdown?

We use Qwest DSL and for the last two or three weeks we have been having weird slowdowns. Most of the time, web pages load almost instantly but sometimes a page takes so long to load that we get a “can’t find the server” message. It’s not site dependent and we haven’t changed computers, DSL modem or router. It’s almost like we are getting a busy signal or something. Anyone else who uses Qwest DSL (especially in the Woodland area) experiencing these slowdowns?

And the Wall Came Tumbling Down

The ~4 foot-high retaining wall that holds up (well, used to) our driveway just dumped over with an impressive thud. Can anyone recommend a (reliable but not bank-breaking) contractor for this kind of work? It has been leaning for a couple of years, so there will probably be some excavation of dirt that has to be done before a new wall is put up. Only the top of one section fell down, but the rest is really leaning.


Meat Puppets show time changed?

A friend told me that show time for the Meat Puppets tomorrow night is now 10pm instead of the previously advertised 8pm. Does anyone know what’s going on? Is Retribution Gospel Choir on at 8 followed by the Puppets or does the whole show start at 10?


Good place to buy a used canoe?


I’m thinking about buying a canoe and would like your advice on the best local places.  A used canoe would be perfectly fine as long as it is not going to leak. I’ve heard some of the outfitters up by the boundary waters sell used canoes from time to time but don’t know where or when to look for these sales. Any recommendations about places to avoid would be welcome too.