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Duluth Pest Control Recommendations

We have a lovely craftsman in Lakeside we are renting out and they just texted telling me they’ve caught nine mice in four days. Yuck! And now I’m anticipating getting screwed over by an exterminator. I’m from Duluth and yet I’m viewed as an outsider because I’m not there to deal with this and I call from an out-of-state number. I need someone to figure out the point of entry and seal it up. Help fellow Duluth folk!

Handy person needed for rental home

I own the non-typical rental home. I am the non-typical landlord. I have a gorgeous 100-year-old craftsman in the east end. It’s my dream home. I’m supposed to be, currently, raising my precious kids there. Unfortunately, there was no job to be had by my husband in the region when we lived there. In an effort to come back someday, we have kept it and are trying to strategically place tenants in there who care for it.

Anyway, I digress … I need to find a reliable, available (on-call for random and unusual “emergencies”), honest, quality and affordable handy person. I want to support a local person. (Read: not a big property management company. Been down that road, got burned hard. Now keepin’ my money local!)

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