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Handy person needed for rental home

I own the non-typical rental home. I am the non-typical landlord. I have a gorgeous 100-year-old craftsman in the east end. It’s my dream home. I’m supposed to be, currently, raising my precious kids there. Unfortunately, there was no job to be had by my husband in the region when we lived there. In an effort to come back someday, we have kept it and are trying to strategically place tenants in there who care for it.

Anyway, I digress … I need to find a reliable, available (on-call for random and unusual “emergencies”), honest, quality and affordable handy person. I want to support a local person. (Read: not a big property management company. Been down that road, got burned hard. Now keepin’ my money local!)

Do you know someone first hand (really trying to avoid “my sister’s brother-in-law’s friend’s cousin used …”) who is worth their weight, looking for work, honest, affordable and trustworthy?

I’m a very straight-forward, call-it-like-it-is lady.

Thanks Perfect Day Duluth community! Oh how I wish I was there to enjoy this summer-like day with you all (yes, I’m that invested in Duluth that I check your weather daily! Ha!)

e-mail: sommerrayne @ msn.com

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about 12 years ago

David Marshall has provided outstanding service to both myself and the others I have referred him to.  He runs a very professional business and is great with communication and service.

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