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Manheat Eats Low Breaker

Rough video from the Duluth Does Low concert — Dec. 12, 2013.

Merry Christmas.

Woodland School Song

While wondering the halls of Woodland Middle School, I came upon the school song.

The school is slated for destruction in the very near future. I can hardly wait for the Chipotle or other chains that they will force upon us.

One, Two, Three Questions?

What would you like to know about your favorite Twin Ports musician or musical group? Would you ask the same question of you favorite painter or potter?

Share your question with me. I’m working on a little project … and maybe just maybe … they’ll answer your question. Can you? Will you?

The People Say Fox — “The Whaler’s Line”

Homegrown Music Video Festival entry by Emily Norton.

The Surfactants — “Aussenseiter”

My son and I put this together at the last minute. As a result, it didn’t get shown at Zinema 2 last night during the Homegrown Music Video Festival and it won’t be shown at during the encore tonight … however, you can see it on Sunday at Chester Creek Cafe and you can watch the hell out of it on the web. Thanks to Annie Dugan for organizing another great event!

Blue Tape. No Frames.

Unsanctioned Homegrown Print Photo Show: Blue Tape. No Frames.

Just what it says. @2104 will be hosting a last-minute, non-sanctioned print photo show for Homegrown.

Opening night will coincide with 2104 Spring Series Episode Three.

Thursday Opening – May 3, 2012
Hours: 3 to 9 p.m. – times are variable … date is not

Presentation will only be photos taped to the wall … the tape will be blue.

Music by: Two Beat Band
Awesomeness = Guaranteed

If interested in participating you must contact me. Everyone is eligible to participate. However, content must be 2011 Homegrown related. No other discounts or coupons or other offers valid. Must be present to win.

Adam Carr Send-Off

He’s been clogging up the airwaves with his “January in Duluth” posts … now it’s time to bid him farewell.


Before he flees, he has agreed to give us a presentation on what he’s been up to.

A Recent Gathering

Good Luck to Paul and Steph!

Dancing @ Norway Hall, Duluth, MN – 30 Dec 2011

More similar photos here.

Got some Homegrown Pix to Share?

You’re taking photos… and they’re super awesome… Share them / View them here:


Call for Photos – Homegrown Photo Show

For those of you who have been waiting and wondering… will there be a Homegrown Photo Show (it was inadvertently left out of the schedule)…

The answer is YES.

Do you have images that you have to show the world? If you do… get them ready ASAP, and let me know that you wish to participate.

Artists that participate in the show will receive a FREE full week pass to Homegrown!

To participate, send me FLICKR mail, or FACEBOOK mail… indicating that you WILL participate. You can also indicate your intent to participate here… in this thread… just make certain that I know how to contact you.

By the way… this is open to everyone… so feel free to share with your friends.

What: Duluth Homegrown Photo show
Where: Zeitgeist Lobby
When: May 2, 2011. 6PM
Also: Music by Portage

At 6PM, there will be the photo show. At 630PM, the Poetry Showcase. At 700PM the Music Video Festival. All within the same art complex.

Ready? Start printing your photos!

We will hang the show on Sunday evening, May 1, 2011, or Monday morning, May 2, 2011.

More Tweedy for Less Bucks

Jeff Tweedy @ Bayfront Park, Duluth, MN - Photo by Richard Narum

Problem: Too Many Tweedy’s

I have too many Jeff Tweedy tickets than required. The show is tomorrow (Tuesday, March 29), 7:30pm in Rochester, Minn.

Solution: I am offering the tickets at nearly half off … say, $25 each … for the best music related haiku (as judged by Paul Lundgren).

Haiku entries accepted until noon on Tuesday, March 29.

Streets. Sidewalks. Alleyways.

 E 1st Street, 2010. by Kip Praslowicz
E 1st Street, 2010. by Kip Praslowicz

Streets. Sidewalks. Alleyways.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011.
Opening 6PM – 8PM

** Show will hang through the month of February 2011

Beaner’s Central

324 N. Central Avenue Duluth, MN 55806
(218) 624-5957

By area DPG Photographers, including:

Jason Huntzinger
Richard Narum
Kip Praslowicz
Brian Ravola
Bill Schwalbe
Edgewood Smith

Music will be performed by local artists during Beaner’s Open Mic.

Permanent McLight Pollution?

Have you recently looked out into the evening sky to be welcomed by what would seem to be a search beacon?

I don’t know that I have ever witnessed it while I have lived in Duluth, however, years ago, it was common practice to hire a “searchlight advertising” team help promote your special event.

This new searchlight seems to be something altogether different.

Of course, some might applaud the re-opening of the London Road McDonald’s, and it might even be searchlight worthy, but it seems that the searchlight that is emitting from McDonald’s is permanently fixed on top of the building. WTF?

(Admin note: According to McDonald’s Duluth-area supervisor, the light is not permanent. It will be in use for about 30 days.)

Are we to expect that this light will constantly beam into the sky, luring unsuspecting folk to this establishment? Forever polluting our night space?

When I look out toward the big dark lake, that’s all I care to see … black … nothing else … thank you very much.

I suggest that we begin here, with a letter-writing campaign urging that they turn that damn light off.

Duluth Homegrown Photography Show – Call for Artists

2009 Homegrown Photography show @ Harbor City

What: Homegrown Photography Exhibit
When: May 3, 2010 – 6:30PM – Opening Reception
Where: Harbor City International School Theater

Lundgren better be funny…

I’m in the mood for funny … so Paul Lundgren’s Happy Hour better be funny … dammit.

Paul Lundgren - Open Mic @ Carmody Irish Pub - HG08

What: Paul Lundgren and poet Ryan Vine share the stage
When: Tonight @ 6pm
Where: Teatro Zuccone

Think about showing up. Paul’s mom would like it if you did.