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Is Duluth’s fake-reefer madness over?

With the DEA’s emergency ban on the synthetic marijuana compounds used in K2 and other brands, is the local battle between the Duluth City Council and the Last Place on Earth and others over? Should it ever have started?

It was torture to have the City Council’s attention and efforts focused on what was clearly a federal or state issue. With all the money we dump into federal regulatory agencies, we can be certain that if there is something to regulate, they will get around to it. Synthetic reefer had no real special interest or political support. So what were the local yocals we elected spending all their crusade power on? Did they really need to focus their efforts on what chemicals to ban? The last time I checked (about an hour ago) we still had a high rate of unemployment and many people in need. Didn’t we elect council members to improve our local economy and quality of life.

The DEA ban goes into full effect on the Dec. 24. All I want for Christmas is local government that does some real work to make Duluth more perfecter.

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