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Park Point Ferry

You may have seen the news story on a UWS feasibility study of a water taxi between Barkers Island and Park Point. In what’s old is new again, I remember hearing of a ferry that used to run between Superior and the end of Park Point, when a community of summer cabins existed out there. But I can’t find any information on it, such as when it operated, and where it docked on either the Superior or Park Point sides. Does anybody know where I can find any information on that?

Best Homegrown Surprise

Ultra Day at Amazing Grace. I didn’t know what to expect from a band with punk-rock roots at the Grace, but these guys were good! They matched their sound and volume to fit the venue, and even did a couple a cappella numbers.

Park Point Pirates

Hey Duluth history buffs! I heard a rumor that there were once pirates operating on Park Point, preying on ships in the harbor, and they were cleaned out in a big police raid. Does anybody know anything about this?

Fishing Superior Bay

Anybody got any good tips for ice fishing on Superior Bay off Park Point? I’ve tried it a couple times this year but haven’t had any luck. I talked to a couple people out there, but most everyone is tucked inside their fishing shelters and I hate to intrude. I’m wondering: what bait are they using? How are they rigging it? How deep are they fishing? Actively jigging or just setting tip-ups? Best time of day? I’ve heard of big walleye and even sturgeon, but haven’t seen anybody pull them up. What are they catching?