Fishing Superior Bay

Anybody got any good tips for ice fishing on Superior Bay off Park Point? I’ve tried it a couple times this year but haven’t had any luck. I talked to a couple people out there, but most everyone is tucked inside their fishing shelters and I hate to intrude. I’m wondering: what bait are they using? How are they rigging it? How deep are they fishing? Actively jigging or just setting tip-ups? Best time of day? I’ve heard of big walleye and even sturgeon, but haven’t seen anybody pull them up. What are they catching?



about 10 years ago

Fish close to the shipping lane. Actively jig with a minnow a couple of feet off the bottom close to sunset. I have caught some big walleye this way, but never seem to be able to hook a sturgeon. Jig colors, floating/sinking are all up for experimentation... Best fishing seems to be mid Feb.


about 10 years ago

Ice fishing is not about fish...or fishing. It is how men contemplate their sins.


about 10 years ago

Men sin?  There must be a lot of sinners out there as were a lot of ice houses in the bay this year and they were their eary, too.


about 10 years ago

We pulled up a sturgeon a couple of years ago off the point by the soccer fields.   It was probably only about 48" or so, a baby compared to the monster we got up on the Rainy River.

We are always jigging, usually minnows/shiners, a little off the bottom.

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