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Are you a biking fanatic? Share your photos.

Do you and your bike share an unhealthy love? Lake Voice News wants to know about it!

Please post or email jawa0007 @ d.umn.edu a photo of your bicycle. Tell us your name, your bike’s name, how long the two of you have been together, and any stories or anything else you feel we should know about your bike!

All help is appreciated!

Calling all bikers:

Like the feeling of wind in your hair? We want to hear from you!

Lake Voice News, a UMD student news organization, is looking to talk to all of you Duluth biking fanatics out there.

Do you feel that Duluth is not the most bike-friendly place in the world? Or do you disagree? We want to hear about your horror stories, your best stories, your favorite trails, pictures, or even if you just want to share your love of biking with the world — tell us more!

Please share your stories with us. E-mail jawa0007 @ d.umn.edu. All help is appreciated!