Calling all bikers:

Like the feeling of wind in your hair? We want to hear from you!

Lake Voice News, a UMD student news organization, is looking to talk to all of you Duluth biking fanatics out there.

Do you feel that Duluth is not the most bike-friendly place in the world? Or do you disagree? We want to hear about your horror stories, your best stories, your favorite trails, pictures, or even if you just want to share your love of biking with the world — tell us more!

Please share your stories with us. E-mail jawa0007 @ All help is appreciated!



about 13 years ago

Wish it was Easier to Bike in Duluth?

Please come to any of these meetings to give your input (you only need to attend one):
-	Thursday, April 22 at the Morgan Park Community Center (1242 88th Ave West)
-	Monday, April 26 at the Piedmont Heights Community Center (2302 West 23rd St)
-	Tuesday, April 27 at City Center West (5830 Grand Ave)
-	Thursday, April 29 at the UMD Garden Room (1208 Kirby Dr)
-	Monday, May 3 at the Central Hillside Community Center (12 East 4th St)
-	Tuesday, May 4 at the Portman Community Center (4601 McCulloch St)
All meetings start at 6:00pm
These meetings are open to the public.
Participants can attend any meeting that is convenient, regardless of their home neighborhood.
Food will be provided!
Quick Summary:
The results from these meetings will help determine what a 
long-term bicycle network in the City of Duluth will look like. 
Over time, as roads deteriorate and need to be rebuilt, the roads that are identified as part of this bike network will need to be redesigned with bike lanes or shoulders to safely accommodate for cyclists as well as automobiles. (See example on right) 
In addition, these meetings will address other long-term planning involved with the bicycle network related to bike racks, route signage, and scenic bike routes.
For more information, visit
or contact...

Codie Leseman
Program Coordinator, Fit City Duluth 
(218) 940-3186
[email protected]


about 13 years ago

I see Minneapolis was just named most bike-friendly city in the country by Bicycling Magazine. What do you think? Would Duluth be a contender for most bike-hostile?


about 13 years ago

I wouldn't call Duluth the most bike-hostile city in the world. . . I almost got hit elsewhere once by a trucker who considered me invisible b/c I was not driving a car and almost turned into me at an intersection. And, yes, I was obeying the rules of the road.

I feel like motorists here are pretty cool, and give me the right-of-way when I bike without getting obviously pissed off. 

But I think we can do better than we are now. i've been riding my bike a lot lately and it's sad that there are no bike lanes anywhere, even near the colleges. My friend and I rode on Skyline Parkway from Chester to Enger the other day, and it was an exercise in avoiding getting in the way of traffic. 

Copenhagen and Stockholm are ancient cities and there are way more bicyclists on the streets it seems than cars. And Chicago has fabulous bike lanes *everywhere.* If such cities can do it, Duluth can too. I firmly believe if more bike lanes are created, more people will bike.

The DTA keeping the bike racks on the buses year-round is a fine start. 

BTW, my favorite bike routes are Skyline and also the Lakewalk -- in its entirety.


about 13 years ago

IMO Duluth isn't too bike friendly.

Just look at the anger on the site's comments every time there is a bike related article.

A lot of people in the area believe that bicycles shouldn't be used for any sort of transportation on public roadways and should only be used on designated trails or the sidewalk.

I would guess that for every 20 miles of riding in town, I get harassed at least once, usually people just yelling/insulting/trying to scare me... I usually don't mind that, but when people intentionally 'buzz' or try to run you off the road, I do get a bit upset.  I've had drivers block off the bike lane on Wallace Ave. (assume it was to keep me from passing the line of 20-30 cars waiting for the stop sign).  Been run off the road by a driver who claimed: "I've got the right of way because my blinker is on"... I could ramble all day on bad experiences.
IMO, there needs to be better infrastructure.  An actual bike lane across town would be a great start... not just a series of signs on busy thoroughfares with on-street parking or no shoulder.  


about 13 years ago

image post fail...


about 13 years ago

here is a link to that article bluenewt was talking about (after a few pages it asks you to put an email but you can just make one up and continue this every few pgs):

Minneapolis/twin cities has had a lot of success converting unused rail corridors into bike lanes and has made an ongoing effort to invest time/money into making the city very biker friendly.  You should look at some of the things that have elevated mpls to that position of #1 biking city in the country!


about 13 years ago

I've had two buddies hit by cars in the last couple of years in Duluth. Both were biking legally and reasonably at the time. 

I don't bike the Lakewalk anymore because there are so many pedestrians. One thing Minneapolis has going for it is that many places have two paths, clearly marked: one for pedestrians and one for bikes.

The Big E

about 13 years ago

The Lakewalk extension is an interesting thing. It's really nice to zoom from Lakeside to downtown on the flat without having to ride all the way in traffic on London--especially with kids.  But as you get closer to Canal Park, it often becomes more and more crowded, to the point where it often isn't that feasible to ride, period.   I'm ok with that--it wasn't really intended as a high-speed corridor, and I'm glad it's there for people to use (with the exception of the people who rent those stupid pedal-car things).  I do wish there was a striped-off bike lane on the streets from about 26th Ave East to Railroad Street, or some other means of bypassing the Lakewalk traffic--I have the sense that a lot of non-bikers wouldn't understand why that would be desirable though.


about 13 years ago

Duluth is an okay place to bike.  To travel safely on most roads, though, you really have to go on the sidewalk. I mean for roads like Arrowhead, Haines, Central Entrance, etc. - there aren't any people actually walking on the sidewalks on these roads, so that isn't an issue.   Sure, you can be one of those people who is all like "THE LAW SAYS I'M LIKE A CAR" and that's great, until   a car proves the difference to you in an unpleasant manner.

The cold, snow and ice are major drawbacks too, obviously.  Other than that, between April and October, Duluth is pretty okay. You can get around on a bike.  

If anyone wants to make it better, well... hmm, that gigantic hill in the middle of town could use some improvement.   I'm neither the most hardcore biker nor the most wimpy, but coming up from Canal Park to the top of the hill is not a mild ride by any means!


about 13 years ago

I actually feel safer riding in the winter...  It seems like motorists give you much more room and are in less of a hurry.  Also, the tourist/out of town traffic is at a minimum.

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