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Home cleaning services in Duluth

I’m looking for recommendations for a cleaning person/service in the Chester Park area. I’m leaving for Air Force basic military and technical training in October and will be gone through February. I’d like to make things as easy on my family as possible while I’m gone. Do you use these services or know someone who does? Who do they use and what do they like about them? What kind of household chores are best for them? Would it be laundry, dishes, litterbox, sweeping and mopping? You tell me. Any input would be great!

I’m also looking for someone to clean the carpets before I leave.

Car Camping

We’ve been pretty avid car campers the past few years with our daughter. We’ve always used camping pads under our bags. Last year I essentially inherited my dad’s air mattress (insta-bed) because he never used it. It worked well as an on-the-carpet spare bed. Recently, I’ve repaired a couple holes, but this new one’s a bit too big to patch. Time for a new mattress. I really like that this one had a built-in battery-powered inflation system, but I’m really looking for something that’s heavy duty and will hold up to camping trips. I’m looking to hear from avid car campers that use an air mattress. Sooner the better, too, we’ve got a trip this weekend!

Clawfoot tub refinishing

My wife and I have been throwing around the idea of a bathroom remodel. I’ve been on the hunt for a clawfoot tub that won’t break the bank and I think I’ve found one. Of course, I’ll need to inspect it personally with my “keen” sense of quality, but if all goes well, I may very well buy it. The photo and description indicate a need for refinishing. I’m wondering if anyone around Duluth has tackled this on their own and has some advice on a budget friendly solution or if anyone has had a local company refinish one for them (prices?). Any other advice or warnings would be great as well. Thanks!

An Unfortunate Burrito Union Rant

I’m a huge proponent of locally owned businesses. I feel that they generally do what they do better than their franchised competition. Because of this, I’m totally cool with paying a higher price.

I’ve been to Burrito Union probably close to a dozen times, so in no way am I staking any sort of claim, but I can count on more than one hand how many times I’ve placed an order, only to have it incorrectly made. Never anything to the point where I won’t eat it, but when I pay something like $2.25 extra for something like adobo sauce and I don’t get it, I have to ask why? Why would you forget to add a topping that costs between 20-25% of the cost of a customers burrito? Especially when its a delivery order. 

Again, this wouldn’t be such so bad if it were a one-time occurrence, but when the majority of experiences is like this, it really puts me off. I’m a real big fan of Tim and Rod’s other ventures and look forward to Tycoons, but I really hope service comes before ambiance.

Converting from Oil to Natural Gas

My wife and I recently purchased a home in the Chester Park area. It is currently heated with oil, but the previous owner installed a wood burning stove in the living room to cut down on the oil costs. I’m not gonna lie, the fireplace was kind of a deal-maker, but the oil was almost a deal breaker.

We found out there a gas line under our street and heard the city will come and pipe the line to the exterior wall for free. This seems to be fairly common knowledge. A friend of mine also told me that the city and/or Comfort Systems has a program where you can get the gas furnace installed with a loan through the city. Has anyone heard of this program? Has anyone you know done it?

We lived with my dad for a short while, but I still remember the sting of even just splitting the oil bill and this program sounds pretty enticing.


Surprisingly impressed by Kia of Duluth

About a month ago I was on a return trip from the cities in my 1999 Corolla. A quarter mile from Pine City, I break down only to find out that I threw a rod. That meant I had to go car shopping.

Looking for Hobby Wood Species

So I’ve got a couple of winter projects that I’d like to begin tackling soon. I’m looking to build an entertainment center and a hutch. I’ve been to Home Depot and Menard’s, and the only species I’ve found for hobby projects are pine and red oak. This leads me to a couple questions.

1. Where can I find a variety of wood species at a reasonable price?

2. I’ve considered using cherry for these projects (I haven’t found any…) mainly because I’ve seen it used in other projects and have liked the grain. Does anybody have experience with cherry? Would you recommend it or would you recommend another species for said projects?

From Age to Age, a Minnesota professional Choir on MPR classical today!

Around 3:15 pm today, MPR Classical Radio will broadcast songs performed by From Age to Age Choir. Steve Staruch will play two selections that will be included on the upcoming CD: “Hic Est Martinus” by Eric William Barnum and “Bogoroditse Devo, Radiusya” by Sergey Khvoshchinsky.

From Age to Age, directed by Andrew Miller, is a 16-voice professional choral ensemble comprised of singers from across Minnesota and beyond.  The ensemble performs a cappella choral music representing many eras and styles.  It features tight harmonies, warm sound, and a careful blend of voices.