Surprisingly impressed by Kia of Duluth

About a month ago I was on a return trip from the cities in my 1999 Corolla. A quarter mile from Pine City, I break down only to find out that I threw a rod. That meant I had to go car shopping.

I went all over trying to find another gas miser. Found a great car at Kia with low miles and in great condition. It was two years older than the green machine, but because for the money, it couldn’t be beat.

After all the paperwork, I drove home in my new wheels. Half an hour later, the family wants to go outside and see Daddy’s “new” car. Low and behold, it doesn’t start. Now I’m fuming at this point. I bought the thing “as is,” but you would at least think it would start within an hour after driving it off the lot.

I went inside and called both Kelly & Cory to let them know what happened, how I felt and that I’d be bringing it in to have it looked at.

They had it at their service center for a week trouble-shooting and trying different repairs. After that, Scott in service called and told me they were bringing it up to Foreign Affairs, as they don’t have the ability to scan VWs. I was weary because I figured this would come as a cost to me. Another week went by and nothing had really been figured out. I was getting nervous about this.

I got a call this morning from Scott telling me that the car was fixed and that I could pick it up today. I said “Great! What’s the damage?” Scott says, “Nothing. This one’s on us.”

Normally, people don’t talk about good service, they just expect it. But as soon as sh*t hits the fan, they’re on their phones, online and sending smoke signals to everyone they know, telling them how mad they are at ABC company. I have to admit that I’m weary of big companies, whether in town or out of town, but these guys really put the idea of serving the community into action.



about 13 years ago

I was home visiting from Chicago and my Kia Sportage had some kind of engine malfunction.  I brought it into the Duluth dealership and they took exceptional care of me at the last minute.  They took care of everything and said they would honor the warranty.  I have always appreciated that!

Bad Cat!

about 13 years ago

I've had several rounds of frustration with them. Seems like every time I stop in, there's something that goes awry. Fixes that don't stay fixed, replacement recommendations for things I had just replaced, endless follow up sales calls trying to get me into a new car.
The last time I had work done there, they removed a huge air baffle thingy from my engine and never replaced it. I have no idea how they could have missed it, as there was over a square foot of open space right on top portion of my engine - any newb could could have looked in there and saw that something big was missing (which explains how I was able to look in there and know something was missing).
I'm not a high-maintenance customer, so it usually takes quite a bit to turn me away, but I don't think I'll be getting a Kia when my current piece of crap finally kicks the bucket.


about 13 years ago

I used to own a Daewoo wagon. It was cheap to drive (and insure), but nothing spectacular. I was coming home from the TC and was leaking coolant like crazy and limped it into SVS (2231 W Superior St). Mark Strom looked it over and told me my head gasket was shot. So, I told them to get it planed back to speck, dress the valves if they needed it and replace the timing belt, since they were yanking the head anyway. A week later all is ready to roll and I drive away a happy camper. About a week or so late it craps out in the middle of a parking lot. I call Mark and he says not to worry, he'll send a tow truck. The next day he calls to tell me that some how the cam shaft was not reassembled correctly and all 16 valves were ruined. A week later I went to pick up my ride and was given an apology and handshake along with my keys. I would hope that every shop was that honest and forthright, but I know for a fact that they are! My newish car goes to Mark for anything not under warranty and will go there for everything when the warranty expires!


about 13 years ago

Get a used car inspected before purchasing.

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