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Pogo is an artist who creates music from movies.

Exhibit A:

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The Penetration of Homegrown

Denied or not, you’ll see me play a short set Tuesday night at Chester Creek Cafe/At Sara’s Table. A friend of mine who is playing there tonight (Rory James) has decided to give up some time from his Homegrown slot to allow a few musicians to, well, “get up there and show their stuff.” Come see my roommate, Avery (Slave Dog) and I get a little ‘experimental’. Hahahahahaha. And no, this penetration will NOT be a safe procedure 😉

Good Ol’ Random History

I stopped by Amazing Alonzo the other day and picked this beauty up for a cheap 6 bucks. Packed full of weird facts and stories of history dating back to Moses. Topics range from how we used to treat the mentally ill, crime and punishment (including mass executions of heretics and misconceptions of the guillotine), cocaine cough drops, and did you know that the French had a fascination with enemas well through the 19th century?! Seriously good read. Pretty certain they don’t have another copy, but search for it.

Danecdote Live – April 28

So I noticed after posting many a flyer around town that some people just didn’t like them, and proceeded to tear them down. Go figure. Anyways, this is my last ditch effort to get the people of Duluth down to the Rex tonight. I promise lots of fun and plenty of dancing opportunities.

My fellow Duluthians, I plead for your faces to appear tonight, and your bodies and your energy!

My Insecurities Make Me Wanna Prove Things

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5Q Interview with Danecdote

Budgeteer’s 5Q

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If you can’t join’em…

Then humor me for a second.


All music written and performed by Daniel Nelson

Except for Bass, Drums and Washboard which were sampled and/or sequenced.

Homegrown Hate

This is where I will take my frustration out against the Duluth Homegrown Festival Committee. It seems that my musical endeavors are not ready to be displayed amongst the Duluth scene.

Now I’m not trying to sound pompous, but there are plenty of musical acts in Duluth, that probably shouldn’t have been accepted. Mark Gartman for one is a talented musician, but I’m sure that at least one of his 9 bands could have been taken off the roster. Not saying that I would have been a good replacement, but COME ON!

Isn’t this festival about showcasing new music in the Duluth scene? I have never played a show in Duluth (and maybe that was what hurt me) but now would have been the time.

This city has great potential for new artists, but none of the venues want to lay their money on the table for a chance. I’m sorry I didn’t enlist a washboard player into my music. Really, I am, because if I had, you might have been able to see me play at Luce or the Red Star.

Shoot, I would have been somewhat pleased if they had stuck me in Soup Town. But nope, I’m not even worth that to them.

Anyways, I’m done (for now) with committee hate. Maybe next year I’ll have more rage when they once again reject me from their Homegrown Happen’n List.

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