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Meat Puppets and Retribution Gospel Choir


ALSO: This Friday, July 3 – Retribution Gospel Choir, Burly Burlesque + Kevin Craig – $5 – 11PM – All ages.

Green Brief 7

“Mousavi and Khatami’s offices have told their supporters to use a different tactic to get their demands by going to the bazaars with their families everyday starting Tuesday at 9 and not buy anything at all. If anyone is to ask them, they’re to say they’re there to shop.”

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Helpful American


“Injured protests are confirmed to be being removed from hospitals and taken away.” [ ]

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Green Brief 6 | Green Wave Info | Hackers Without Borders

RIAA In Duluth


Ars Technica coverage of the trail can be found here.

BYO Party Llama


Blowing it Out


Good Job, Gartband


Magician Kelvin Saline brings his Magic Village to events of all kinds. Kelvin’s “magical extravaganza” features audience participation, comedy, ventriloquism, and magical illusions which he has been performing for over 30 years. Kelvin keeps to the traditional types of magic and illusions through appearing, disappearing, sawing through a live person, escapes, and several original tricks that delight young and old. Saline performs for corporate, college, school, fair, and community events including weddings!

It’s No Tall Ship or Buy Stock In Kiwi-Flavored Energy Drinks.

Jammie Thomas has a new lawyer for her June 15 Capital v. Thomas retrial in Duluth. His name is Kiwi Camara.

In this trial, “Capital” means RIAA (say it with me… collusion). Original docs here. P2PNet and Ars Technica had very good coverage in the past, and will probably have reporters in town again.

Homegrown T-Shirts



Sizes: L & XL (there may be a few M floating around–I’m still looking)

Contact: adam [at] transistormag [dot] com

Friday Night Volunteers Needed!


Greetings and happy Homegrown.
We are desperately strapped for door volunteers for Friday night (05.01) of Homegrown. If anyone can spare the time or knows of anyone who may be available, please have them contact Jen: [email protected]. We are offering full week passes, money, whatever.



Keep up the great work, Walt and Starfire.

This Saturday


Venus from ATPH is DJing space-lounge music @ the Main Club on Friday night, too.

03.17 @ Quinlan’s


The Ides of March


Patrick McKinnon at Carmody Irish Pub

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