Heart at the Duluth Arena in 1980?

I’ve searched high and low, but I cannot seem to locate any information about the Heart concert on March 5, 1980 at the Duluth Arena.

I was there with five friends but can’t seem to locate anything about it.


Paul Lundgren

about 1 month ago

This Heart "Tells it Like it Is" 1980 tour poster (for sale on eBay) does not include any mention of a stop in Duluth and also indicates the tour didn't start until March 26. The only Minnesota stop listed is "Minneapolis," although that was at the Met, technically in Bloomington. An audio recording of that show is available on YouTube.

The band released the album Bébé le Strange on Feb. 14, 1980. It seems weird that the tour would be named "Tells it Like it Is," referencing the cover song "Tell it Like it Is," which is a studio track on the double album Greatest Hits/Live, which wasn't released until Nov. 29, 1980. 

If you look closer at the tour poster, however, it lists the total attendance and gross revenue of the tour, which would indicate the poster was not created to promote the upcoming tour, but was instead produced after the tour to promote the success of the tour. Which means it's likely the tour wasn't really called the "Tells it Like it Is" tour when it happened, but was instead dubbed that retroactively because "Tell it Like it Is" was a successful single in the winter of 1980-'81.

The image below, from Heart's Facebook page, is of a newspaper ad for a 1980 tour stop in Savannah, Ga. along with a ticket stub. It does not contain the phrase "Tells it Like it Is."

So, all of that is just to say that the tour probably wasn't called "Tells it Like it Is." It doesn't help much as far as determining whether the band was in Duluth in 1980, but it does lead one to think it is unlikely there was a 1980 Heart show in Duluth.

Setlist.fm does list one Heart concert in 1980 prior to the March 26 start of the official tour. The band apparently played on Feb. 1 at the Frank Irwin Center in Austin, Texas. However, the tour poster indicates the band played in Austin on March 28 and Setlist doesn't list a March 28 show, so it's difficult to say one or the other is accurate.


about 1 month ago

I know Heart was in Duluth in 1978. I remember getting the news, before I left for the concert, that our neighbors were involved in a terrible car crash a few hours earlier. This Heart concert would have been the first "big time, national act" concert I ever attended.

As a side note, I know of few people who look like they are having as much fun playing guitar as Nancy Wilson is when she does the intro to "Crazy on You" and then launches into the song itself.

Paul Lundgren

about 1 month ago

Setlist.fm does list a Heart concert at the Duluth Arena on Nov. 26, 1978.


about 1 month ago

I remember the '78 concert. Great show. I was working at a record store at the time and couple of band members came in with the road crew and I ended up getting backstage passes from them in exchange for some discount prices. Later the lead guitarist (Roger Fisher) came in alone and I helped him out with something personal. All good people.


about 1 month ago

It looks like ZZ Top played Duluth Arena on 3/5/80 according to DNT.  Heart did also play the Duluth Arena on June 21, 1977.

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