Ractalfece is canceled

Hello everybody, this is John Holden, aka, Ractalfece. Over the years, I have been honored that Perfect Duluth Day has been posting my YouTube videos. Unfortunately, YouTube has terminated my account. 

I wrote to them; said it was art. They didn’t restore my account. So I’ll be dusting off my old website — totalvom.com. Come find me.


Helmut Flaag

about 7 months ago

Your shit was top notch dude, US Prime. Keep on keeping on.

E Jay

about 7 months ago

John, all I can say is… you are sorely missed. You’re incredible.


about 6 months ago

No!!! Why??? Why would they just up and delete it? I've been popping in for the occasional binge session for the past 15 years! I discovered you when I was 25; now I'm in my 40s. I had a boss named Joe back in the day ... every time I saw the guy, in the back of my mind I was thinking "heeeeeeey, Jooooooooe, wake up your ****, was the best part, of your videooooooo ... Joooooooeee ..." that's how much of an imprint your stuff had.

Are you going to put the old vids on totalvom? For those of us who remember what a video response is? For us old-school fans who know what the word "vom" even means?  (shout out to Luke) please???

"Oh yeah, don't commit adultery maybe ..."
"Sluuuuuuuts on the buuuuuuus"
"The secret ingredient is roast beef"
"Mother effing amygdala ..."

And yeah, I was there for the mid 2010s encore ... I could really use a trip to the grove so I can be among trees, or at least a pic of Flo right now ...  man this sucks.

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