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Ractalfece is canceled

Hello everybody, this is John Holden, aka, Ractalfece. Over the years, I have been honored that Perfect Duluth Day has been posting my YouTube videos. Unfortunately, YouTube has terminated my account. 

I wrote to them; said it was art. They didn’t restore my account. So I’ll be dusting off my old website — Come find me.

Hyper Glaze

John Holden and Matt Norby warn that their latest video contains hyper-glazed data poisoning. “Do not upload it to sites that train modules on user submissions,” the YouTube video description notes. “It will degrade the overall system and cause generated output to be less stable and less accurate. You don’t want to be the one to ruin AI content for everybody.”


This post originally featured a re-released classic from John Holden. The embedded video has since been removed from its source, YouTube.

It’s Going to be a Merry Christmas

John Holden obtains a set of fancy speakers in the grocery store parking lot.

Video Archive: You, Me and Problems with the World

Ten years ago today, Minnesota Public Radio published the story “Video blogger learns YouTube stardom has a price.” It told the story of the “profane and outrageous” videos by Duluth’s John Holden, whose works typically appeared on Perfect Duluth Day and also the now-defunct site

Dong Dot Surgery – “Bound for Glory”

Electronic weirdness by John Holden and Matt Norby. They play the Barrel Room on May 1 at 9:45 p.m. during the Homegrown Music Festival.

Dong Dot Surgery – “Computing 4eva!”

More spoken word by John Holden with electronic weirdness by Matt Norby.