Art Opening in the Deeps of the Rathskeller - Perfect Duluth Day

Art Opening in the Deeps of the Rathskeller

The Rathskeller was home to art and imagination as Kat Ford’s art was on display.

Art was in every nook and cranny, as in this blurry picture of some of art on the ledges shows, as Kathryne Ford made her local debut. I was there on opening night, and the art turned a dark faux speakeasy into a fun land of fantasy.

And there was music.

I was especially moved by the telephone art, which reminded me of Salvador Dali’s surrealist telephone, but funneled through a new lens. Dali was writing about the shock of a new technology which, in the space of a few decades, went from novelty to ubiquitous. Ford is allowing a nostalgia for a life she never (really or barely) lived to create a new kind of playful dreamscape.


Visit the Rathskeller for some imagination and color while you can.

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