Enger Park Little League circa 1963-1975

The Ensign Community Club built and maintained the Enger Park Little League Field at the dead-end of West 13th Street, just below “The Boulevard.” Fans flocked to the games and parked along neighborhood streets and on Skyline Parkway to see games play out below. Along with the field was a basketball court that doubled as a tennis court. The neighborhood built the field and maintained it for about 15 years.

The Hills and the Bordsons were two sisters and their husbands with a dozen kids amongst them. Ken Page who lived up the hill couldn’t figure out which kid was from which family as the kids were back and forth between the two houses and didn’t necessarily eat meals at their own place.

I am seeking out folks who may have grown up in the neighborhood in the mid-1960s to later in the ’70s. You can email me directly at gibbsjudy @ aol.com. I would love to have a conversation! Apparently there were about 50-60 kids in the neighborhood at that time. Would love to hear from anyone!


Matthew James

about 1 year ago

This was discussed briefly in the comments section on a post about another abandoned sports field just last month where I added a couple pictures from when I was biked through last summer. I didn't know anything of the history so that brief description was interesting to read. I've attached a Google aerial photo from April 2015, some years after the field went out of use, that makes it easy to imagine how people would gather on the hillside to watch the games.

Judy Gibbs

about 1 year ago

Matthew, thanks for the photo. I have since discovered that it was home to the Skyline Little League, and began in 1961 along with the other six little leagues in town. The basketball court was added afterward.

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