Local podcast challenging to listen to

… and I don’t mean in terms of the audio quality.

This Duluth-based podcast has international reach. What They Don’t Tell You About Being a Survivor is “a podcast that builds community amongst those affected by trauma, with the purpose to promote healing and social change.” What makes it challenging to listen to is the intensity of the topics, the intensity of the personal experiences shared. According to the website …

The conversations may be triggering/difficult for some to hear. Please respect your body and pause/stop an episode if you need to.

I was a little anxious. I’m always concerned about the difference between voyeuristically seeing trauma (e.g. in lots and lots of allegedly literary novels) and sharing trauma with intent to heal. This podcast manages the latter.

It’s hosted by a Duluthian, one of the many cool folks who work at Men as Peacemakers.


Chester Knob

about 1 year ago

"... those affected by trauma."

You mean, "everybody"?

You are not special. Your struggle is not unique. Birth is the deepest trauma, and we all eat the placenta.

David Beard

about 1 year ago

I'm not sure who the "you" you are addressing here is, but I appreciate your perspective. I think your claims are true in the abstract, but I encourage you and others to listen to the podcast to learn more about its intent.

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