Duluth in MUFON

I found a reference to Duluth in the Mutual UFO Network newsletter. The Minnesota MUFON chapter is still alive and well.

My first encounter was approximately 46 years ago at the age of 10, north of Brule, WI. One July afternoon, it was my turn to stay in the house to cook dinner while my folks and sister went to load hay about two miles up the road.

All I actually remember is going to the outhouse which was behind the bam, but you had to cross the yard, driveway and go around the house to get there! Just as I was about to go around the house, I looked up and saw a cigar shaped ship between the bam and a huge oak tree. It was the same height as the tip of the tree.

There were about three or four figures looking down over some kind of railing, and they were wearing flowing robes. They were sitting quietly when they noticed me. They hung over the railing slightly and motioned me to come. I peeked from behind the house, scared to death, and hoped they didn’t see me.

That’s all I remember. All of a sudden I was standing in the kitchen, my family was home and dinner hadn’t even been started! I tried to tell my mother that I could not understand where the time had gone. — Anonymous, Duluth

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