Sonofmel at Earth Rider after the Rhizomes and Poliça

It was a busy weekend in Duluth, despite the rain that postponed the Fourth of July events.

Saturday I missed the Rhizomes, who played in Two Harbors. Crankily, I have decided that I will only be indoors in places with cavernous, flowing air, until the pandemic has subsided. (For more information about the pandemic that is still going on, no matter how many people you see walking around without masks, visit the Minnesota Dashboard. We’re doing okay — COVID hospitalizations are definitely flat, but variants are increasingly resistant to the vaccine.)

But I ended up punishing myself, then, because in deciding not to go out I missed Poliça at Earth Rider.

I love this regional band with a national reputation. I wish I had been aware that it was playing locally, at Earth Rider’s spacious, outdoor venue.

Lots of distance, lots of air, for the anxious among me. And lots of cool vendors, too, the next day, Sunday, for the first Earth Rider Sunday Market.

Sonofmel was there, doing the music-beat-poetry-storytelling thing he does so well. 

And, I have to nod, this fellow friend of the Rhizomes was there, selling some of their art. If you haven’t seen Holly’s watercolors, you are missing out on all the ways that watercolor can be fun (I guess I would have predicted that) and moody (I was happily surprised by that).

It was a good weekend.

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