PDD Quiz: Duluth at the Olympics

Go for the gold with this quiz about Olympians with Duluth ties!

The next PDD quiz will review this month’s headlines; it will be published on Feb. 27. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Feb. 24.

#1 Noah Cates, a UMD senior, was named a co-captain in this sport during the 2022 Olympics.

Fox 21 has more on the story here.

#2 This Duluth East graduate competed in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.

Goucher recently shared that she has been diagnosed with repetitive exercise dystonia; the Duluth News Tribune has more on the story here.

#3 Duluth native Mason Aguirre competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics in this event.

In 2006, Aguirre was the youngest member of the Olympic snowboarding team. Read his full bio on the Team USA website.

#4 Duluth-born Jim McNally competed in the 1968 and 1972 Olympics in this sport.

Read more about McNally on his Olympedia page.

#5 Which member of Team Shuster is also competing in mixed doubles curling in the 2022 Olympics?

Plys competed with Vicky Persinger; they placed eighth in the event.

#6 Dates Fryberger competed in the 1964 Olympics in this event.

Fryberger played college ice hockey at Middlebury College.

#7 Olympic swimmer Darren Ward was born in Duluth but competed for this country in the 1988 and 1992 Summer Olympics.

Read more about Ward on this archived Sports Reference webpage.

#8 Tom Williams, born in Duluth in 1940, competed on the men’s hockey team that won gold in the 1960 Olympics. Which team did they beat in their final match?

Read more about the 1960 “miracle on ice” here.

#9 Duluth native Aileen Geving competed in the 2018 Olympics in this event.

Read Geving’s bio on the Team USA website.

#10 Maddie Rooney, a Duluth native and UMD graduate, earned a gold medal in this event in 2018.

Rooney is competing in the 2022 Olympics as well. Team USA defeated the Czech Republic in the quarterfinals on Feb. 11.


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