Postcard from the Duluth Yacht Club

The Duluth Yacht Club was organized in 1890 and incorporated 1905. It’s facilities were on Minnesota Point at South 14th Street.

According to Zenith City Press, the Duluth Yacht Club merged with the Duluth Boat Club in 1907, and moved its facility to South 40th Street in 1909 after the Oatka Beach Pavilion had burned there.

In 1969 a new Duluth Yacht Club organization was established and remains active. It was originally called the Cruising Club and later the Duluth Keel Club. It took the name Duluth Yacht Club in 1990.

The undated postcard shown here has no stamp or postmark on the back, but a written message reads: “Pretty near the end of the month. My employer has left for a short trip so am playing “boss.”

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about 2 years ago

The Duluth Boat Club still exists as an umbrella organization for a number of water related clubs.     The  Duluth Boat Club's mission is to enhance water front access for all.      They are working to try to recreate this postcard with some new infrastructure for all to enjoy.    On their behalf, thank you for reminding us of what could be.

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