“Duluth on Duluth”

Back in 2000 George Killough, then an English professor at the College of St. Scholastica, edited the book “Minnesota Diary, 1942-46” the journal of Sinclair Lewis during the time he lived in Duluth.

I met Killough, which might seem unsurprising if you’re not a university professor (“don’t you all know each other?”) and surprising if you are (we don’t talk to each other much across institutions).  If I remember right, Killough had an office next to Jill Dupont, one of my fave colleagues at CSS.

Should the literary history of Duluth I’m working on include figures who leave the town (the way a pop music history of Duluth will inevitably include Dylan, I guess)? And should it include faculty, both faculty creative writers and faculty scholarly writers?


Dave Sorensen

about 3 years ago

Your project jarred my memory. I don't know if this obscure tidbit is of interest to anyone, but back when KUMD was WDTH, there was a poetry program put together by a couple of guys from Superior called The Inner Ear. UMD has some PDFs as part of a digital conservancy project which show the WDTH newsletter "Airwaves." That is quite the nostalgia trip for anyone of a certain age, and a couple of them show The Inner Ear on the schedule circa 1981. Anyhow, what I can't recall is whether that program was somehow picked up for national distribution/broadcasting. I might be making that part up. It would be interesting to know.

David Beard

about 3 years ago

THAT IS AWESOME.  I will look for more information!

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