“Things We Lost in the Fire” 20th Anniversary Visual Album

Duluth band Low has released a visualizer marking the 20th anniversary of the 2001 album Things We Lost in the Fire. Artists Shane Donahue, Julie Casper Roth and Allen Killian-Moore provide the visuals.

Below is a list of the songs, with credit to the artists on each track.

0:08 – “Sunflower”​ – Shane Donahue
04:45​ = “Whitetail” – Shane Donahue
09:49 – “Dinosaur Act” – Shane Donahue
13:57 = “Medicine Magazines” – Julie Casper Roth​
18:29 – “Laser Beam”​ – Shane Donahue
21:24 – “July”​ – Julie Casper Roth
27:00​ – “Embrace” – Julie Casper Roth
32:41 – “Whore” – Allen Killian-Moore​
37:04 – “Kind of Girl” – Allen Killian-Moore​
40:35 – “Like a Forest”​ – Allen Killian-Moore
43:04 – “Closer”​ – Shane Donahue
48:12 – “Untitled” – Shane Donahue​
49:01 – “In Metal” – Shane Donahue​
53:21 – “Overhead” – Shane Donahue​


David Beard

about 3 years ago

No lie, when I moved here 16 years ago, I barely cared about the lake -- I cared that I might be able to see Low perform on a regular basis.

Sunflower still makes me feel.

Brian Barber

about 3 years ago

This podcast on the making of it was good.

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