New podcast about “Uncovering the Truth in Minnesota”

I just found an investigative podcast based out of Duluth called “Uncovering the Truth in Minnesota.”

“Unconstrained, unbiased, and driven for the truth, follow us as we use journalism to tell the untold stories of Minnesota,” reads the description on Apple Podcasts. “Join your Co-hosts, Sarah Knieff and Izabel Johnson, for weekly episodes released on Tuesdays!”

Past episodes include:

Episode Four: The Missing Persons Case of Hang Lee

Join us as we take a closer look at the disappearance of Hang Lee. Hang is from St. Paul, Minnesota and she disappeared in 1993 at the age of 17. She has never been found. Foul play is suspected, but not confirmed, and nobody has been charged.

Bonus Episode: Guest Testimony on the Diane Buntrock Murder

Join us as we discuss the 1995 murder of Diane Buntrock by her son Michael Buntrock with our first guest. Our guest discloses never before heard witness accounts that only her and her family know because Mrs. Buntrock was buried on her grandparents’ sod farm.

Episode Three: The Duluth Lynchings

This week we take a look at a dark part in Minnesota’s history when three innocent Black men, Isaac Mcghie, Elmer Jackson, and Elias Clayton, were lynched in the city of Duluth.

Episode Two: The Reker Sister Murders

Listen to our terrible small talk and then join us as we go down the rabbit hole of the unsolved murders of Mary and Susanne Reker.

Episode One: Exploring Minnesota’s 2015 Integrity D Rating

Join us as we take a deep dive into the history of Minnesota’s poor integrity rating and ask the question, “Has anything changed?”

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