PDD Quiz: June 2020 in Review - Perfect Duluth Day

PDD Quiz: June 2020 in Review

See how much you remember about the events that made headlines this month!

The next PDD quiz will explore area swimming spots; it will be published on July 12. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by July 8.


You’ve been keeping up with the local news! Well done!

#1 Essentia recently announced the construction of this Northland first.

WDIO has more on the story here.

#2 This Duluth city councilor was voted in by council members on June 8.

Tomanek filled the at-large seat vacated by Barb Russ, who resigned due to health concerns. Read more about Tomanek in the Duluth News Tribune

#3 Which 106-year-old clubhouse is expanding its entrance?

Read more about the expansion on PDD.

#4 Which organization recently announced that David Montgomery would serve as interim president?

Montgomery previously served as the chief administrative officer for the city of Duluth; he retired from that position in 2018. The Duluth News Tribune has more on the story here.

#5 This local bakery and café is slated to reopen as a grocery store.

The Duluth News Tribune has more on the transformation here.

#6 Minnesota’s first posthumous pardon was granted to this man.

Mason was convicted of allegedly raping a white woman in Duluth in 1920. Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson and Issac McGhie were also taken into custody; a mob later kidnapped from the jail and lynched them. Read more on MPR News.

#7 What item was used to block highway 61 in Cook County on June 8?

Read more about the story on the Star Tribune website.

#8 Which former Duluth school board member announced his candidacy for Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District?

Welty will face off against incumbent Pete Stauber in the Aug. 11 primary. CBS 3 has more on the race here.

#9 OMC Smokehouse expanded into the adjoining space formerly occupied by this business.

Fox 21 has more on the story here.

#10 The Duluth Waterfront Collective unveiled a plan that re-envisions I-35 into this.

Read more about the project (named Highway 61 Revisited) on its website.


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