Duluth references in Workaholics

The Comedy Central sitcom Workaholics, which ran from 2011-’17, featured two references to Duluth.

Video clips are not available online, so descriptions will have to suffice.

The first reference came in season 3, episode 7 — “The Lord’s Force” — in which the guys encounter two members of a faith-based strongman group and invite them for drinks. When two of the musclemen get drunk and reveal their homosexuality, the verbal exchange goes like this:

Reverend Troy: Sorry gays, you’re off the force.

Samson: What about the tour? What about Tampa?

Reverend Troy: No, this is it, OK? Sodom, Gomorrah, sayonara. Now get your purses out of the van.

Samson: I knew this was a bad idea. These guys made us do shots and now my life is ruined. Where am I going to go?

Adam: Sorry about Tampa.

Blake: Aw, man I feel terrible. Maybe we should let them crash at our pad. We just made them lose their jobs.

Samson: I am not going back to fucking Duluth to live with my stepmom. I’m not.

Adam: No, you’re not. You guys are going to stay with us for as long as you need. Consider our casa … our casa for you to crash at, like a La Quinta Inn.

Duluth makes it’s way into the dialogue again in season 7, episode 6 — “The Most Dangerless Game.” During a getaway to a remote mountain cabin, the guys suspect that their wealthy hosts aren’t what they seem.

Raines: Ever since I was in the XFL I’ve been in constant pain.

Anders: I’m sorry, did you just say you were in the XFL? Oh, my God!

Karl: The XFL is legendary, man! Did you know He Hate Me? Did he like you? Would he like me?

Raines: He Hate Me loved me, but the point is, my life has been a constant torment.

Karl: What team you were on? Were you on the Outlaws? Or were you … Maniax. You were on the Maniax. I recognize you.

Anders: You are a maniac.

Raines: Wolves.

Anders: You were on the Wolves, okay. Hey, mad respect. Not necessarily the Maniax. They were cool. Where is that, Duluth?

Karl: No, I think they’re from Washington.

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