Goldfines in the 1940s: Picnics and Fishin’ Trips

In the year 2000, Duluth businessman Monnie Goldfine recorded a voiceover track for his family films, most of which he shot himself between 1939 and 1946. Perfect Duluth Day has divided the footage into three segments:

Part three: “Goldfines in the 1940s: Picnics and Fishin’ Trips” features scenes of family and friends in Duluth or on picnics and cabin retreats in the region.

Video Timeline
00:00 Backyard picnic
01:21 Birthday party
02:04 More picnic
05:45 Swimming at a lake
07:26 Pattison Park
08:50 Various
09:18 Farm in Canyon
09:25 Various
13:15 Northern Pacific Railroad Depot
14:15 Various
17:27 Northern Pacific Railroad Depot again
18:24 Ballgame in Chicago
19:00 Fishing at Canadian resort
20:40 Henry and Irene’s wedding
22:10 More fishing
22:40 More of Henry and Irene’s wedding
25:08 More backyard picniking

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