Postcard from the Rustic Bridge at Lester Park in 1910

The message on this postcard of the Rustic Bridge and Pavilion in Lester Park is dated Jan. 21, 1910, and postmarked Jan. 22. The sender’s name isn’t easy to read, but the recipient is Henry Seeam of Rice Lake, Wis.

Best attempt at deciphering the handwriting:

1-21-1910. Dear Hank: We are here and like all fine. When does [?] work? Or who else? There’s a nice place to work in so you can come and see. Our baby is sick. Where did Rubyor or what his name is work up here? Write me a Soo Line letter so I won’t get homesick. We live next door to M.C. Church so you had better call soon. #312 W. 3rd St.

The signoff name looks something like S.R. Sather.



about 4 years ago

The questionable name looks to be "King." The church he mentioned living next to would be the First M. E. Church (First Methodist Episcopal Church). "Rubyor" could be a bad attempt at spelling "Rueben."

Alfred Koos

about 4 years ago

Thanks for posting this. I found this while searching on '312 W. 3rd St' in Duluth. By 1912, some of my ancestors (William Bendix and his family) would reside at that address. It looks like everything on that side of the street is now gone; I wonder if it was flats or a house?

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