Postcard from the Rustic Bridge at Lester Park in 1910

The message on this postcard of the Rustic Bridge and Pavilion in Lester Park is dated Jan. 21, 1910 — 110 years ago today — and postmarked Jan. 22. The sender’s name isn’t easy to read, but the recipient is Henry Seeam of Rice Lake, Wis.

Best attempt at deciphering the handwriting:

1-21-1910. Dear Hank: We are here and like all fine. When does [?] work? Or who else? There’s a nice place to work in so you can come and see. Our baby is sick. Where did Rubyor or what his name is work up here? Write me a Soo Line letter so I won’t get homesick. We live next door to M.C. Church so you had better call soon. #312 W. 3rd St.

The signoff name looks something like S.R. Sather.

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about 4 weeks ago

The questionable name looks to be "King." The church he mentioned living next to would be the First M. E. Church (First Methodist Episcopal Church). "Rubyor" could be a bad attempt at spelling "Rueben."

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