The Most Read Saturday Essays of 2019

Saturday Essay logo genericIt’s an annual tradition at Perfect Duluth Day to wrap up each year of the “Saturday Essay” series with lazy top-five lists instead of arduously prepared compositions. Here we go again.

This week is part one, highlighting the essays that were read the most times according to Google Analytics. Next week is less of a popularity contest; we’ll showcase five underappreciated gems.

Before digging into the 2019 countdown, here’s a brief paragraph to spell out for the uninitiated how the “Saturday Essay” feature works:

PDD publishes an essay nearly every Saturday. In the first three years that amounted to 50 essays per year. This past year we took a deep breath and opted for a more sane plan of just publishing them when we’ve got them versus killing our souls to force them out; so we published 35 in 2019.

Yours truly, Paul Lundgren, is the editor. A small group of writers are featured somewhat regularly, but anyone is welcome and encouraged to submit a piece for consideration. Shoot an email to paul @ to inquire.

And now, let the countdown begin …

chris-godsey-cropped#1: Chris Godsey’s “Why Some Men Kill Women
… analysis of a tragic act that was sadly not an aberration.

#2: Paul Lundgren’s “Dividing Duluth: The Abandoned Car Test
… a little role-play situation to illustrate the differences from one section of the city to the next.

lucie-amundsen#3: Lucie Amundsen’s “The Good Ship Ridiculous
… in which a plywood shanty boat becomes a solar-electric ridiculous wooden shanty boat.

#4: Anna Tennis’ “I Made You Say Underwear
… in which the author sorts through her vintage skivvies.

#5: Anna Tennis’ “Quitter
… delving into the fine art of abstaining from alcohol.

So there are the goods. Read or reread and enjoy. We’ll be back with new works of literary splendor in 2020.

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