PDD Quiz: Northland Statues

Put your art smarts to the test with this quiz on area statues.

The next PDD quiz, reviewing this month’s headlines, will be published on Nov. 24. Please submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Nov. 20.

#1 This sculpture is located outside the Essentia Health 2nd Street Building. What is its name?

The sculpture was created by Paul Granlund in 1991.

#2 A statue of this banker, who financed the Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad, sits along Superior Street across from the Kitchi Gammi Club.

The work of sculptor Henry Shrady, the statue was dedicated on Oct. 15, 1921: the hundredth anniversary of Cooke’s birth. Read more about the dedication ceremony on Zenith City Press.

#3 This statue on Barker’s Island was created in response to which shipwreck?

Seaman’s Memorial, sculpted by William Frost, was dedicated as a memorial to all Great Lakes seamen in 1979. Read more about Barker’s Island on Zenith City Press.

#4 In what year was Pierre the Voyageur moved to his current location?

Pierre was constructed in 1960 and suffered damage in recent years; read more about his move on the Duluth News Tribune website.

#5 Which explorer is commemorated in this statue on the University of Minnesota Duluth campus?

The statue by Jacques Lipchitz took nearly two years to complete and was unveiled on Nov. 5, 1965. The statue traveled from Italy to Duluth via the St. Lawrence Seaway, following roughly the same route as Daniel Greysolon.  Read more about the statue on the Tweed Museum of Art website.

#6 A replica statue of the last known surviving Union soldier sits outside the Duluth Union Depot. What is this man’s name?

The original statue is at Gettysburg and was dedicated in 1956. Read more about Woolson on Zenith City Press.

#7 Which explorer is commemorated in this statue?

The statue was sponsored by the Norwegian-American League and sculpted by John Carl Daniels; it was placed in 1956. Read more about the statue’s history and horns (er…wings) on PDD.

#8 Where in the Twin Ports can you find the Determined Mariner?

Sculpted by Richard Salews, the statue was commissioned as part of the Canal Park revitalization program in 1986; it was installed in 1992. Read more about the revitalization of Canal Park in this Duluth Budgeteer article.

#9 What was placed on top of this statue during Homegrown 2015?

Man, Child, and Gull was created by Sterling Rathsack and dedicated in 1993. Read a City Pages article on the Homegrown incident here.

#10 What is the title of this sculpture, located in Canal Park near the Duluth Lakewalk?

The statue, sculpted by Kirk St. Maur, was installed in 1992. Read more about the on the Waymarking website.



Dave P

about 5 years ago

We always refer to Pierre as the "Voyageur with No Pants!"

Gina Temple-Rhodes

about 5 years ago

Dave, that's "Pierre No-Pants"  to us. Sounds more French.

Paul Lundgren

about 5 years ago

I should point out that PDD's Twitter account is generally on autopilot and the accompanying images are cropped by artificial intelligence and not human beings.


about 5 years ago

I always refer to it as the statue of the thrown baby

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