White Iron Band – “Drunk in Duluth”

Ely-formed and Twin Cities-based White Iron Band released a Duluth ditty on its 2005 outlaw country album Take it off the Top.

Lyrics, as best as I can interpret them:

The wind blows cold off the lake at night
And it chills by back to the bone
When the bus rolls in I sit back and grin
Feeling a little bit stoned

I’ve busted up stalls, threw bottles at walls
And frankly got out of control
My mind gets so hazy, things get so crazy
Running with ???

Drunk in Duluth, Drunk in Duluth
I’ll sure get drunk in Duluth
Give me some whiskey, I’ll tell you the truth
I’ll sure get drunk in Duluth

The people up here are crazy as hell
I guess you can say that’s my style
And the women are pretty as pretty can be
They always greet me with a smile

And the liquor it flows as the evening it goes
And a smile gets stuck on my face
One more round ’til I hit the ground
Man, I love this place!

(Repeat chorus)

I’ve ran into cars and I’ve bellied up in bars
And I threw up all over my hair
And when I fell down on the barroom floor
Nobody else seemed to stare

All my old friends know I’ll be back again
And will probably have beer in the fridge
Sometimes this place is heaven on earth
Compared to what’s over the bridge

(Repeat chorus twice)

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Helmut Flaag

about 5 years ago

Drunk anywhere? I'll take these winos any day over the profound garbage I saw advertised for this week's Austin City Limits. Unbelievable trash. My Golden Retriever's farts have more ability. It really is too bad anybody with a beard and tattoos can get attention now. No standards anymore.  Just call it Americana and they will shovel it in.

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