Monthly Grovel: PDD Calendar holds out its hand again

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An important message from Perfect Duluth Day’s Redundant Department of Redundancy:

It takes a lot of geek hours to keep this website going strong. So once a month we set our dignity aside and remind readers how much we appreciate their financial support.

Maybe there isn’t a better way to explain it than we did last month or on the PDD Calendar fundraising page, but we’ll give it a shot because bits of funding roll in when we do, and that helps a whole lot.

Each month the PDD Calendar team publishes hundreds of events and barely gets paid. Without donations, the calendar won’t be as good in the future. Modest donations will maintain the status quo. Dig deep into your pockets and the PDD Calendar will grow, grow, grow!

And here’s some additionally redundant redundancy we repeat for the sake of redundancy … or in case you missed it last time:

We have never uglied our website with popup ads, animated ads, Google surveys or auto-playing videos, and we don’t intend to start. We don’t publish “paid content” drivel or clickbait articles with titles like “People Who Wash Their Ziploc Bags Are More Likely to Be Millionaires.” We don’t gather and sell your personal information. We believe the internet can be better than that.

Instead we appeal to local businesses to promote their goods and services in the tasteful square ads that appear in the right column of PDD on desktop computers and in between blog posts on mobile devices. It works really well, but the money it brings in falls far short of keeping even PDD’s meager operation in the black. So we also ask for the financial support of our readers.

Thanks in advance for anything you can do.

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