Saturday Essay: Select gems from 2018

Saturday Essay logo genericLast week we highlighted the five most-read pieces from the third year of Perfect Duluth Day’s “Saturday Essay” series. This week we ignore the numbers and look back at a few select essays of similar quality that might have been missed by non-compulsive followers.

In the past three years PDD has published 150 essays showcasing the work of 27 different writers; we hope to expand that roster in 2019. Anyone who has an original piece of literary excellence that seems to fit (or appropriately defy) the established format should email paul @ to get involved.

And now, links to a few select gems from season three …

Kelsey Roseth’s “New to Duluth
… in which the author moves to Duluth, loves it, but struggles to find a job and make connections.

Luke Sharman’s “Goose Chase: An Interview with Duluth’s Goosinator
… in which a remote-controlled glider designed to humanely chase away geese sits down to discuss his first year on the job.

Avesa Rockwell’s “Hillside Breeders
… in which experiments in rabbit breeding take place just a few blocks up from the Shanty Bottle Shop.

Jamie White-Farnham’s “Naming the Problem
… in which spontaneous criticism of an expensive jacket ends up hurting everyone’s feelings.

Chris Godsey’s “Bad Student
… in which a bemulleted boy struggles and self-sabotages his way through high school and beyond.

After following the links to enjoy these essays, make sure to take a break and rest your eyes. Season four of the Saturday Essay series starts next week.

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