PDD Quiz: October 2018 in Review

Test your knowledge of local headlines with our month-in-review quiz!

The next PDD quiz, on area bakeries, will be published on Nov. 11. Please email question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Nov. 8.


You’ve been paying attention to the headlines! Well done!

#1 This building, which opened for showings this month after being renovated, was most recently known by what name?

The building, now known as Building No. 12, offers condominium space.

#2 Wildwoods Rehabilitation reunited Wade, a lost pet initially thought to have been abandoned, with his owner after Wade was attacked by a dog. What kind of animal is Wade?

More on the story here.

#3 Engwalls announced this month that it will permanently close its corn maze after the 2018 season. In what year did Engwalls corn maze open?

A new sewer line is being installed at the Hermantown property.

#4 Minnesota legislators are encouraging the U.S. Navy to christen an amphibious ship the USS Duluth. How many other ships have held that name?

The first USS Duluth, a light cruiser, was in service from 1944 until 1949. The second ship, USS Duluth LPD-6, served from 1966 until 2005 (and is pictured above).

#5 This year’s October storm reunited a Park Point family with their lost what?

The canoe had been lost for two years; read more about the story here.

#6 A clip of awkward banter among Fox 21 news anchors was featured on which late night show this month?

View a clip here.

#7 These critters roamed the grounds at Glensheen this month in attempt to control weeds.

Four goats from Two Willow Farm roamed the estate during the weekend of Oct. 19.

#8 A new hiking loop, the third of the “Triple Crown” of Superior Hiking Trail loops in Duluth, was completed this month at which location?

The loop was created through a collaboration between the Superior Hiking Trail Association and Duluth Parks and Recreation.

#9 Duluth was mentioned in an episode of which CW series this month?

The episode, “Gods and Monsters,” aired on Oct. 18.

#10 A group protesting what issue temporary halted a Duluth City Council meeting on Oct. 22?

The protests prompted the council to cancel the public comment period. The council passed the gear resolution with a 6-2 vote.


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